Sunday, August 2, 2015


From July 28, 2015


This week has been really epic.
Marian is this cool dude we met last week and he is super hyped on following Christ and making positive changes to his life. So we instantly became BROS. and he is way wise with the bible and throws it down. it's awesome. He came to church and made friends with a ton of cool people.

We adventured this week out to the national soccer arena and it was sick. We found a cool park with random cannon things in it. 

We went on exchange out to Craiova, south west Romania. We woke up at 4am to catch a train at like 5 something. it's a two man city so we just slayed it with english contacting and went to the sickest park ever. This place had a zoo in the park. Unreal
But for real, it was blazing hot. Pants and tight collars don't go well in Romanian summer man! 
On our way back.. the train times were awful so we had to get one at like 5pm, it was 30 mins late and our wagon was filled with little kids and no A/C. I passed out for like an hour, woke up super sweaty and just stoked cause this place is insane.
The best part comes next... 
Like 30 minutes later, the train overheats and breaks down in the middle of butt-crack nowhere. Serious, a huge field of corn on one side, and dirt on the other. We just thought it was another random pointless stop that these romanian trains make, but no.. this bad boy was busted for like 2 hours. So we got outside and sat on the tracks getting roasted by the sun. It was super refreshing to get out of the train outside to the fresh air. so much cooler outside.
But yeah.. we were supposed to get home at 7:30 and got home at 10:30.
We met a cool guy from California though. We just randomly hear this super american accent laugh at something we said then ask where we are from, we just turn around mind-blown and talk to this guy for a while. 

The next 3 days E. Everton and I are going hard on this 3 day smoothie detox, and it's gnarly already. going to be phenomenal after though.

Life is good. God is Good! Gotta go explore a museum and then deliever some flowers to a cool old lady!


- Elder Boydstun