Sunday, August 2, 2015

caldura in iulie

From July 20, 2015

My friends,

What's up?
This week has been really solid in terms of missionary work.
It's incredibly hot though so that is a drag, but summer in Romania.. so it makes up for it with awesomeness. 
Also the fact that I bought a blender. Best purchase of my life probably. I just throw down smoothies daily. 
Also the fan in my apartment is busted so it's hot just like a volcano everywhere. 
Nothing like being incredibly hot outside then getting on a bus and having sweaty humans, smelly old dudes and no air flow. Usually the buses have the windows opened, but if it's filled with old traditional Romanians they get way to caught up on the mythical "Curent" and that if there is more than one window open we are for sure getting deathly ill. So then you're just pray traffic isn't bad and rejoice in the outside air and temperature drop of like 10 degrees.  
Or trying to get to a metro entrance and get the phenomenal gust of wind. 

We had a cool meeting with Pres. Ivory, Iachimov and Nadiman this week. The APs, STLs, and we (ZLs) taught them the Restoration and they critiqued us and helped us out. There's a big push for getting  a lot better at teaching the Restoration. Then we had MLC with all ZLs and STLs, which was sick to see all the homies, but the meeting itself was incredible. President was dropping jokes. One of his friends came out and presented and was awesome. These guys… are so filled with knowledge. 
Pretty solid turning point for me in my mish. Teaching wise. It's so much more interesting. I love applying it to people, having awesome conversations and either way helping someone improve their life, even if it's just having a different and postiive view of God.

Anyways, we met a sick dude named Marian after english who is super interested in meetin up with us so we are stoked. 
Our english class is incredible. We are teaching the advanced students. I was prepared to talk about traveling and super heros or something like that as things usually go... then these guys introduce themselves; a psychologist, a phyicist, an engineer etc.. then they are trying to talk about astronomy and their hobbies and were "Sharing ideas" and stuff. It was incredible!

So yeah, life is good. Love God, drink smoothies and appreciate the sunshine!


- Elder Boydstun