Saturday, August 1, 2015

Love peace and MICI grease

From June 29, 2015

I have been bad at journal writing this week so my memories on all the small ridiculous things isn't the best right now.

But I have a few stories.

We did a bunch of service this week helping Pres Iachimov (in dist presidency now) move a ton of old boxes of stuff in the attic of the church. Seriously so much stuff haha. Like one dude probably needed a book and they somehow received 3 boxes full of em and just put them up there. 
Super solid that we live like right across the street from the church though. 
Metro travel is tedious at times.

We were on our way home one night and I thought we for sure left our keys at the church. I had thought Elder Lyb had em, so I was all bummed and we went back to the church and ended up doing some organizing and decorating, typical corkboard stuff you see at churches w/ activities etc. Then Iachimov asked us to move some real gnarly furniture in this super sketch van and drive it out to his new home with him. Fratele Fotea came and he is so so sick. Used to be a "hip hopper" and is super into rap. He's hilarious too, energy to the MAX. 
Anyways, lets say I was in the sketchiest neighborhood of Bucuresti at like 9pm with these guys. and nobody messed with us.
haha it was like the outside part of Ferentari. supposedly dangerous. But it is sick to say i went there, at night, like a man.

We had zone training this week. lit the place on fire. E Brown and I did some incredible improv in front of the whole zone with E Brundage as a presentation on being present in the moment. It was sick
Also presented some FIRE about involving the Lord more in planning/goal setting and stuff. I was all nervous a day before and trying to figure out what we were going to say, then it all came into place and we were just throwin ideas between us and the crowd. Most everyone said they really enjoyed it, so I was happy. President Ivory basically gave us no direction on what was going down and left it up to us so we just organized it and threw it down. It went incredible. 

Meet the Mormons showing was awesome too. Nicusor is this cool less-active guy that we've been befriending pretty hardcore. He's way cool and jams violin at a nice restaurant for a job, also sets up sound systems for events. So we went through him and got him all types of involved. We joked around about some ridiculous conspiracy theories he brought up about the churches looking like space ships and how Ioan saw this in revelation. It was a good time, he loved the film. It was a quality showing, not too many people but those who came enjoyed it big time. He came to church. He was stoked. Life is beautiful out here in Buc. 

Elders in the office got super sick. E Allphin got some gnarly worm inside him. 5 incher, Change your water filters, my friends. Everyone's good now though 
We celebrated the 4th of July today, it was awesome. BBQ'd hardcore with all the Bucharest missionaries and played a bunch of sports, volleyball, soccer, frisbee, etc. We did some improve and ate some watermelon. It was awesome. Nothin like playing in the sun. and not wearing pants for a while, haha.
Cool senior couples that are real still and great examples, almost parents but mostly friends that work along with you are great in the mission.  Think about it before you're too old, man! Recounting my day in my prayers. like a report, repenting daily and striving to be better and expressing needed help. helps ya stay on your toes to be more awesome daily. 
Recounting my day in my prayers. Like a report, repenting daily and striving to be better and expressing needed help. Helps ya stay on your toes to be more awesome daily. Try it...
Life is fun. 

Enjoy life, your other options kinda suck! 
(stole that from my old man)


- Elder Boydstun