Friday, August 28, 2015

capn crunch son. DUNKLEY

From August 10, 2015

So. the week.

It was a little bit slower I guess, but still radical.
It's been pretty hot, and advanced students for english are busy or gone. One friend is moving to the Netherlands. That sounds pretty cool.

There is this cool family that moved here. They work for the embassy. I might have mentioned them last week. But I figured.. there has to be a commissary at the embassy right? it's like the air force base back home.. and that was the only place you could get G-shock watches for cheap and Popeyes Chicken.
So I called him, with an actual question about this American dude named Ron we met.. but it ended up that he bought some CAPN CRUNCH WITH CUNCH BERRIES for me. You already know I ate 3 bowls of it the first night. 
Absolutely divine. and they finally changed the back of the box for the first time in like 5 years, I swear!

We had a cool chance to meet up with another OG member, Manuescu. The dude is real nice and lives in a cool part of the center of the city. He has a 100 year old house that was taken away from his wife's family during communism, but they won it back now. 
He's super big, makes great homemade juice, and talks a lot. But he talks about cool stuff so it was awesome. He was very friendly. He has a huge library and said all the books are his best friends.  I asked him if he would write his testimony on how the restored gospel has changed his life. Pres Ivory mentioned we do this, and it was really cool. He was stoked on it and willing so I will go swoop that up and probably talk about some more wisdom later this week.

We had a cool lesson with M. Explaining God's plan of salvation and the importance to understand our potential, our divine nature, and where we go after this life. Well it was about all of it, but he is super read in the bible and when I used the bible to explain some stuff he never heard before he was kinda defensive at first. But then testimony came in really strong. So it was like "Hey man, this stuff is true. I know it. God loves you way too much to limit you. Pray about it yourself, and you'll find the answers. It's true, go and get it."  It was the most powerful part of the lesson. The power of testimony, man.
Then he was cool and really stoked about life. He says he wants to get baptized on the 26th of September, but he will probably do so earlier than that. Which is cool. He is a true seeker of Christ and really just wants to follow His will. It's another start for him to come closer to God and keep being awesome.

My son, D...came back. He is awesome.The kid I trained back in the day... made it back. oh and he is staying in Bucharest right across the street from me :) woooo it's so so sick. He's the man and I'm stoked. 

Crazy how fast time just keeps flying by. It's already going too fast. but I am giving myself a good re-commitment weekly as we plan. 
Planning is so important I feel. when you plan then you can do all you can and exercise you faith instead of just wandering lost and hoping someway, somehow you'll find your way and everything will come to pass because "you should receive blessings". 
Maybe true but they will be 1000000000x more real and better when you keep going and being aware.

Life is great. It's hot. I need to clean my apartment and buy some grub so I don't die this week.
God is good. 

va multumesc,
- elder boydstun