Sunday, August 2, 2015

esti roman?

From July 13, 2015

yo yo yo!

So, this past week has been awesome. Didn't get a chance to email last week to say anything, but it was a good week too. Did some awesome exploring around some really cool parts of Buch. Went into this parking garage filled with graffiti and met some cool guy. 

​We went out to the Brunaru family outside of Buch a little bit. Had some of the best ardei umpluti ever made. oh my..

Elder Lybbert packed up and left to Calgary, eh?  And it was a good time we had that last week. Picked up Elder Everton and we are homies. It's awesome. We work hard and then basically a laugh fest all day.

Things have been so killer. Mihai Bravu is cool, more Romanian vibe than Panduri. Fratele Brunaru was there to speak and refers to me as Micutule now (little one), it's dope.  The new area is incredible. The branch is really cool, more open and seems more Romanian. Ya know, no pews, different characters in the branch and not so high class. Panduri is awesome, just intimidating to some in a sense, but I am glad I made the friends I did there. My new comp is incredible. We are BROS. He's from Idaho. Nobody took our place in Panduri 'cause we pretty much lost a companionship in Bucuresti. We are down missionaries in general throughout the mish. Work is going well. Members are cool and i've had some cool experiences. 
We went to Sora Gorzo's place on Sunday. She fed us and is the coolest grandma ever. She's super tight with missionaries and randomly throws in stuff she's learned like "what's up dog?" and stuff. it's awesome. I'll send a pic
I've been trying to be as Romanian as possible recently and it rocks. Just picking up on all the little things Romanians do when they speak and such. I've been asked if I'm Romanian like 5 times recently and it makes me soo stoked. Greatest compliment man, I promise!  
This is how we do with NO Native companions. 

Had a cool meeting with this guy who got his papers stolen in Italy and moved back to Romania. He had an intense dream of Christ opening his door and asking "You're still here?".  Then he moved back here to Romania, got helped out hardcore by a cool member and missionaries found him a job. He's sure that he went there to find the gospel and had to come back to do some work here. He's awesome and it's cool to see small miracles and stuff that happen all the time. God works in mysterious ways but it always goes according to plan. 

Life is good. God is good. 

love you all

- Elder Boydstun