Sunday, August 2, 2015

Craziness. changing apartments.

From July 6, 2015

Whats Up?

This week has been awesome in Bucharest. 
I'm getting moved to the Mihai Bravu Branch. I'm getting Elder Everton.  We were in the same district in Sibiu. It's going to be cool.  I am stoked!  I'm a little bummed to leave Panduri because it's incredible, but I'll still be around. Still ZL We are basically replacing a companionship because an elder went home and one is going to Arad.  There won't be a companionship to replace me in Panduri since Elder L is going home, too. 

I am going to get in shape with Elder E and do good work. It'll be way fun. We are pretty tight already.
There are tons of missionaries leaving right now, like 15 or something. A decent sized group coming in though, it'll be awesome. 

America is pretty legit! I forgot what it's really like back there. 

Sorry if my email is short today. We have a crazy next few days changing apartments. saying bye. etc. 


-Elder Boydstun