Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sibiu is a Dream

From January 26, 2015

​I really LOVED Moldova...but it is kind of nice to be back in Romania, completely understanding people again and all that Romanian-ness.
Transfers were really cool. The 14 hour train wasn't too bad this time. Elder Montoya and I had good conversations and what not. The guy who checked our bags at the border was being funny and then we had a decent amount of sleep.
Bucaresti was pretty crazy as always. Such a big city with so much going on everywhere. A meeting at the office made us miss our train so we had to stay the night and catch the one leaving the next day.
My district is soo cool though. We all get along and are just going to do hard work and make it a good time. Serious though, Sibiu is so incredible. A beautiful German/Romanian city filled with cool architecture and what-not. Cobblestone streets, bridges, colorful old buildings and happy crazy people everywhere.
The 6 hour train ride through the mountains was a dream come true and I am feeling great. It's always nice to do work in a place you love. When I look around I can't believe I live here.
My comp is the man. Elder Gunsay... funniest little happy man ever. He is always keeping it real but having fun and making everyone laugh. He's into yoga, being intelligent, singing and being awesome. 

Anyways, things are pretty intense. The first night I got here, we were getting all settled and about to make dinner with Elders Latiti and Everton when we get a call from the Branch President here in Sibiu. We go to meet up with him at the church and he basically tells us he is leaving to live in Germany for at least 4 months. Then he told us we are running the branch now and told us all the stuff we need to do. Hahaha, so awesome. We are literally the youngest district in the mission and we are running the church here in Sibiu. 
President Ivory called me up and told me I am going to be Branch President. So I guess I am going to be doing other work here, too. It is going to be so legit though. I've totally got this...I think, haha.
We've got some pretty cool friends here already, but are looking to blow it up even more this transfer. We have some cool challenges from our ZL's  so we are trying to get awesome in-action photos and go hard english contacting. So it is pretty epic. My mission is the coolest... seriously.
Anyways, this place rules. I will send some photos. Life is good. Busy, but a great time.
va iubesc pe toti!
Elder Boydstun