Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Perfect Days…Kitten round 2

This week was awesome.
Sibiu was pretty dead and now we have come in and there is a new fire here. We had 37 lessons total as a district this past week.  While Brasov, one of the biggest most legit branches in the mission, had 48 last week. They also have another set of missionaries and a senior couple and a branch that helps work there, too. So to see that here in Sibiu was super legit.
We had this challenge given in the mission to get perfect days - a lesson with an active member, less active, an investigator and 3 hours of contacting - all in a day. Pretty legit challenge for our mission. Our district had 8 of them total this week (counting as individual companionships). Even one day all 3 of the companionships in our district got one.  We are in a pretty small city with only 6 missionaries total so It is legit.  
We are having fun doing the work, making friends and introducing the awesome lifestyle of the Gospel. The lifestyle with eternal and ridiculously worth it promises, and things are rolling. It is awesome.  Still the frustrations and ups/downs of course, but it is nice to see when we look back and realize what's happening.  So yeah, Missionary work! 
 Being BP is pretty legit. Help from everyone and getting to know people better already, and so many things you don't want to forget.. but it is working out! BP just moved to Germany less than 3 weeks ago.
We found a kitten outside our church.. .we kinda adopted it. Bathed it, gave it some love. It was awesome, then it pooped everywhere in our bathroom and then pooped on my sweater the next day. Like it was really trying to be clean and at least poop on things instead of just on the ground.. but it was nasty and so unexpected haha..
So I left it outside the church. Never trust street kittens man. I told everyone it probably wasn't worth it, this same thing happened in Arad.. but they took it and it will be good for the kitten.
Street puppies are way cooler anyways, they are always happy and just want to play right then and there.

Elder E and I bought these sick ping pong paddles and we play whenever we both have some SHORT free time at the church. We have a games night where everyone plays ping pong and board games so it is legit. Getting way better.

This week was the 25 year anniversary of the church in Romania. There was a broadcast of a meeting in Bucuresti and it was super legit. We got a message from Elder Nelson and everyone was stoked. He did the dedicatory prayer here and talked about it.  There are cool members coming back to church. The adventure of missionary life is rising.  
We are rolling, this place has potential, and we are running with it.  Trying to change this branch in Sibiu and give it life!  
Striving to build Zion, do your part, too. 
I love you all. I'll send pictures sometime this week. 

- Elder Boydstun