Monday, January 19, 2015


This week was wild.. seriously!

So I dunno what was up, but we played soccer last Saturday and the next week I was extraordinarily sore and it was weird. But then the next day it went away. But I had this gnarly gut pain happening. I don't know how to explain but it was a damper on the beginning of the week for sure.
So I was just planning on playing it off. Then everybody started telling me it was not chill so I called Sora Ivory and she got all serious and told me to go to the hospital.
There is actually a really nice international hospital here, so I went. I thought my appendix blew up so I had to explain all this stuff in Romanian. Praise to Latin words for being super close in english too.
Anways, everything turned out cool. 
I got an Ultrasound and stuff, which was really odd. But then I guess there was just something up with my kidney and gall bladder or something. I don't really know but I feel good.  They gave me some medicine.
I planned on not emailing about this, but I guess people already did and so you'd probably find out either way...
I am good now. I promise.
FOR NOW HAAHAAAA! But really, I am good

We were at the mall eating lunch this week since the guys from Orhei were here for Visa stuff. Then these deaf dudes started communicating with us. They just typed stuff on an iphone and we replied. We gave them a book of Mormon and a pamphlet. Then a little later they waved us down saying they had questions. So I went over and we communicated through writing on all the random pieces of paper we could find. It was probably the sickest lesson ever. These dudes were really cool and had genuine questions. At first we wondered if they were just trying to punk us on our Romanian, but then it ended up really cool and they accepted the message and we got their info so hopefully the people staying in Chisinau can meet with them again. 
Super epic! 

We also had dinner - all the missionaries, at this one members house. She is sooo sick. Literally a one room apartment. Like it's just one room. The kitchen, bedroom, closet all in one room. She hooked us up with SOO much food. So much Sarmale and crepes etc. It was so sick. I loved it. I'll send a picture of the sarmale/room
The member is in the back laughin at me taking a picture haha, she is legit.

I have to go soon. I am getting transferred to Sibiu. I love Moldova. Love Chisinau. Love these people and the members especially. But, missionary life haha.
Sibiu is a German settled city, so it has awesome architecture which is basically the style of the city.  
I got a cool call from the AP's last night. They asked how I felt about it, and I said I was stoked, bummed to leave, but excited to do work there. They were stoked and told me that President said I would've stayed - but there is a lot of good potential in Sibiu, and they needed me, etc. So that was awesome.
 My new comp - I haven't really talked to him. He's a more quiet dude, but I heard he is incredibly nice and a good missionary. So it'll be a good time either way. I'll probably lose some weight since it has been way too easy to eat whatever you want here in Moldova as we still get the same amount of money and things are cheaper here. 
I am hyped because I hear Sibiu is amazingly beautiful
I am still bummed to leave Chisinau. Such a sick place with AMAZING people. And the members here are most amazing. But maybe I won't have to be Clerk anymore so that is solid. 

I had an awesome time saying goodbye to the Cociu family (recent convert I talk about often). They are seriously incredible.  I had a cool meeting with them and it was rough saying goodbye, but when we did Anatol told me about how he realized many of his weaknesses when he joined the church and took the gospel serious. He said he asked for a lot but then explained how we also need to give all we can, then we are bound to receive. When we do our part, and ask... the Lord is bound in blessing us, and he wants to. When asking God for help, we also need to be doing all we can to do what is right and to put our part in. It was so awesome. Not explainable with words, especially through email.
I will miss my little Cociu homies Maxim and Laurentiu 
But I'll see them again someday :)

Life is awesome. 
Love you all. 

- Elder Boydstun