Tuesday, February 24, 2015

It's almost been a Year or so...

Time is just flying by. This transfer ends in a week. 

We are going to Peles in Sinaia on Wednesday. Its an incredible castle, look it up. We achieved our zone goal, and our district won the competition - we had 348 lessons this transfer, and we are getting some T-shirts or something I guess… sick. 
Then I have a Branch Financial Audit on Thursday with some guy from Hungary... that'll be real interesting. And then we have to catch a bus that night to Cluj-Napoca, another one of the most beautiful cities in the mission. We get in at 3 in the morning and have to make it to Zone conference at 9. Ce sa fac? Asa e viata.... . 
This week has been adventurous, as always. Today we were walking to the church, down this little hill and about to pass another church and this old lady comes out the church, passes gas super loud, and then laughs, hahaha.  I had to hide behind the wall and died laughing. 
Mission life is crazy sometimes. It's been kinda weird mentally recently, just because I have to worry about the craziest stuff. Just doing a bunch of stuff that I have no clue how to do, then doing it…just relying on God. It's amazing how real it is. And how He just works in these mini-miracles that you many times don't realize until a while later. I feel like this has been a huge part of my mission. I've had lots of thoughts this week looking at my mission and all of the "how did I do that?" moments.  Realizing how real and incredible God is and the way he works through small means so many times. The mini-miracles that have happened here in Romania are amazing. 
I mean, the gospel has been here for only 25 years and we are laying this foundation and tearing it up and re-laying parts. But literally almost everything that is working is a miracle in itself. Sometimes I wish I could have one of those knock a door, get let in, convert a family, get 25 other referrals missions (okay I know I exaggerated that), but then I LOVE it here. The growth is taking on and the foundation it is laying to show people true joy and freedom is incredible.  I love it. This life is so cool. I am learning in this weird and miraculous way that is solidifying the gospel into the depths of my heart. I can't always put my finger on exactly how I have changed, even after almost a year. But I see and feel it when I reflect. 
We have dinner with the Branch every Sunday. We don't have many members and we working for them to have social lives and not just cling on missionaries. So it's a weird balance :) It's great though. We have a film night activity and we watched The Lego Movie! We got it in Romanian. It's an awesome, funny movie! I bet it is cooler in English though! "Everything is Awesome" song was "totul este super!" in Romanian, haha.
We have been working to find ways to make missionary work awesome and introduce people to the lifestyle of the gospel and the blessings thereof. So we invited members, friends and contacted people to come play basketball with us a few times this week. We met some legit people. There are some decent players here in Romania. It's been super fun and making friends is the best. I am getting better at basketball again. I'm getting my hops back and then looking to improve them. We are planning on getting back into shape this next transfer.
Elder Gunsay and I eat super healthy. I haven't eaten so much fish and beans and veggies before and I've gotten way into humus on my mission, too. So my health is okay!
Also, we've been teaching these two ladies English and The Gospel. It is ridiculous. This lady who was miraculously guided to the church, brought her friend. Her friend catches on okay.. but the lady was struggling with the translation of "Eu" in Romanian being "I" in English. So we ask her, how to you say I in english?  and she says "uhh.. tu" so I just sit there like.. nooo that is "you" in Romanian.. haha. She is pretty sincere when we talk about the gospel.  Her friend is 7th day Adventist. They are pretty legit and we hope they keep wanting to meet up!

So yeah, life is great. Transfers are coming up. Most likely there are going to be some changes in my district. I hope I get to go to Bucuresti, I need a new journal and a geanta because mine totally busted when I missed the train last week. We shall seeeee! 
I am grateful for the reality of the gospel. It is the coolest and most real and worth it life ever. We are so blessed to have it in our family. 
Thank you all for being awesome.   
Elder Cole Boydstun