Sunday, February 8, 2015

Missing trains is cool...

From Tuesday February 3, 2015

Sorry I didn't email yesterday. Busy crazy day.
Basically we went to this city to adventure. So we got up at 4am, took a bus for a few hours. took a maxi taxi for 30 mins and adventured. Got some cool photos and what not.
On the way back, the bus back to Sibiu was nowhere to be found. Walked all over the AutoGara and checkin schedules.. called numbers. Typical Romanian confusion.
Missed the bus.
Figure there is a train about 2.5 hours later. So now we figure out something to do for that time...
End up walking back into the train station remembering the lady tell us it left at 16:59. We saw a train pull away as we walked up to the station, looked at the tickets and see it was at 16:49.
Cool. missed it.
Luckily we find a bus leaving an hour later. Made it. Successssss!
It's not an adventure unless something goes wrong. So if a lot of things go wrong and it still works out, it is that much more epic.

This week was solid. 
We went hard contacting for our English Classes. We got, as a district of 6 people, 50 numbers. So legit
Just making friends and living in a beautiful city. ahhh
We are supposed to get some epic contacting photos. So my comp got on my shoulders and we contacted some people. Surprisingly people thought it was cool/funny. 

We also adventured to this gypsy castle palace thing in our city. Supposedly this guy is the gypsy leader or something.. Hard to explain. But he has this crazy house that is all decked out in ridiculous stuff and...Pictures will have to explain. 

We also got our apartment destroyed by Elders L and E. So we came home from some hardcore BP office organizing to a house full of english cards and everything else ridiculous. haha it was pretty hilarious. Our Iron was in the fridge, a bagette in my closet and some salam in my pillow... literally English cards on every surface possible. 

So yeah. I conducted church and had some BP duties this Sunday. Interviewing people. All that goodness. oh and hey, Baielli.. err Alessandro, If you read this. know that this office had no financial organization dude. THANKS MAN , psych :) Man my mission is so sick. I love it. 
We've gotten things more organized and some activities planned. We are going to start doing Institute on Wednesdays. We have a game night on Sat and a film/culture night on Thursdays. And English is starting today. So it's going to be solid. Lots of stuff to do.
I am stoked I get to work with people. Sometimes I just want to be a normal missionary and go do normal work and meet more people on the street, etc. But I've got some cool other work I can do that will make a difference in the long run. Doing all the "other work" as BP is crazy. Organizing, cleaning stuff up, calling people, getting info and setting up church and activities. Wild stuff. But it is cool too.
Make some friends this week. Listen to someone's story. You'll learn something, I promise.

I love you. God loves you more. Christ is the way and the light.
I know it's true. 
 Elder Boydstun