Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I am Sibiu

From March 2, 2015

Hey whats up?

So I am not going to email tomorrow, I've got to catch a 6:30 am to get to Bucurestiiiiiii.
Check this out though... Elder Reed is going to be my comp. I love this guy. It is going to be so incredible. He's an idaho spud and we are going to kill it. and I  am killing him.. His last transfer. This will be my third kill. Yes!

This week was crazy. We were basically not in Sibiu. Went to Peles on Wednesday (look it up, it's beautiful...like a ridiculously beautiful place) and it was super. Then the next day I had this financial audit thing with a dude from Hungary after getting stuck in a small village trying to visit a member and having to hitch-hike back home, that was cool. A really nice guy stopped out of nowhere - normal thing in Romania. We Ran to a bus stop, Elder Gunsay left his suit and stuff at the bus stop and then we headed on the way to Cluj (legit! the coolest city ever.)
We got a member to pick his stuff up...then... 
We had the most legit zone conference ever. Obedience is cool man. Freedom is in the gospel. Live it. God is good. 

Yeah, but anyways we set Johnny apart as an Elder in Sibiu today. It was epic. We are helping this young pup get out on a mission. It's going to be awesome.  

Well. Sorry this is short and stuff. 
I need to write some letters by hand someday.
The HOMIE Anziano Minor sent me the coolest studies I have ever read. So I am stoked on life in the spiritual study side of things. Life is good. Spring is here. 

Psalms 29:11
Check it out. God loves you. Fear no man
va iubesc

- Elder Boydstun