Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Craciun Fericit

From December 22, 2014

It's almost Christmas..
I started my mission basically on Easter. 

Time is going by fast... 

This week was solid, lots of frustration and long days of trying to figure out how to do some epic missionary work.
We literally spent days figuring out the trash editing programs on the branch computers so we could make some Christmas card designs and get He is the Gift looping and on a disc..

Anyways, we ground it out  through many failed attempts - running to different stores trying to explain the complex appliances we needed in Romanian... "uh we need something that makes this go into something like this.. I don't know how to say it, but we need it." Then end up finding out that it is pretty much the same word in English, just with a romanian accent haha... awesome

BUT we came up with the idea  to make these Christmas cards to give out at the Christmas activity we had. They looked legit. (Used a little magic to get photoshop) We had a member explain/invite our offer to fill out a card, we deliver it with the video and a Christ centered message. We had 40 people raise their hand wanting one. We've got 4 back so far. So I am stoked. That is super legit, I have never been able to receive a referral from a member so far until now. 

innovation. $$$$$

At the activity, I was a shepherd and I wore a basket on my head because I had no other costume choice, haha. It was awesome though, everyone was stoked to be there and had a good time. 

On Tuesday I had to do a bunch of stuff since I am the Branch Clerk now. So I ran all across town paying bills. It was not awesome. But we got into a part of town and were looking for this specific bank, had no clue where it was... then just tried one. After waiting for an hour or so.. and a girl walking in with a big fluffy grey cat tucked into her bag... and some weird sketchy corruption going on in front of me.. I get to the counter and she tells me I can't pay this here.... 
That sucked...
Went the closest market and got some food then tried to find a bench. Found it, ended up being a bench right next to a random grave site just next to the road and a complex of small apartments and a business. Moldova... 
That day was ridiculous, hahaha

Sunday, we took a projector, speakers and a white sheet into the main park right in the middle of the city. I lifted/held Elder Bateman by one foot as he hung up some hemp twine between some trees and we strung out the sheet. This park has a row of benches in the most trafficked spot with plugs so we used those and set up the projector/speakers and the laptop we borrowed. Then played He is the Gift for a few hours and talked to people and had them watch it with us. It was so sick I loved it and was so happy our idea came out even better than expected. 

So yeah, Life is good. Christmas is great. The gospel is true and the Light of Christ is incredible. 
Share it with someone. Tell 'em you love them, give them your time and go drive through a beautiful canyon for me. 

I hope you all remember the awesome spirit of Christmas and think of some great ways to start your year. 
He really is the gift. We, as individuals, can discover and accept the gift. 
It's worth it, I promise. 

Craciun Fericit!