Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Twenty one below zero celsius

This week was not warm. 
And it's that cold that just is bitter and feels like it is squeezing your soul. (soul to squeeze - if you get this reference, you are cool)
We made it a good time though. 

The Coldest day was -20 C and we tried to go to the middle of town to this wall that you can basically draw on and whatever you want. Some people put up some really weird stuff. There was a thing written on it about how the system is collaborating together with the anti-Christians, masons and terrorists to come upon the Christians and make them have no voice..  and then ended it by saying DOWN TO SATAN. Like it was a cool idea but basically the dude was mentally ill for sure, just the way he wrote it was crazy!
Yeah so this wall has spray painted stuff on it all the time. Then this security dude comes over and looks at us and tells us we can't do it. haha what the heck man! I was struggling to get this stencil stuck to the thing and as soon as I get it ready he shoots me down.  
The stencil was basically just a logo of captain Moroni blowing his trumpet that I drew and above it in a circle. It is legit! oh well, maybe we can get it another time.

We met up with a cool member couple that has a son in Utah and stuff. They are legit and we gave 'em brownies and they were stoked about it. They showed us pictures of them at the temple dedication in Ukraine. It is weird sometimes to think how close I am to Ukraine.. it was awesome though! oh and I had a typical weird experience of helping a fallen drunk woman get up and figure out how to get home. I swear this happens too much. 
But I also hear that Moldova has the most alcohol consumption per capita in Europe, so I guess I should kinda expect it, haha.

We played soccer with some members and friends at an indoor gym place by the church on Saturday. It was so awesome. There is this guy Bro. Tukafkin (I don't know how to spell his Russian name) and he is like 65 and shows up fully decked out with indoor shoes, a jersey, shorts and tall socks. Then he just kills it. He is the man! 
We also played with our friend we call Cool Alex, he is the coolest guy ever haha. Seriously just a good person and awesome, He brought his friend Mani. He is a music artist/rapper here in Chisinau. He is way cool too and Alex showed us some of his music. And it is awesome, super positive and tells really cool stories 
Music is awesome in Romanian. Some of it is awful and just lame repetitive electronic stuff, but some is soooo gooood!

Well yeah, pretty much that's mostly all I can think of right now!
This week was cool, for real. Like it was freezing
But it was awesome too. 

God works in mysterious ways, but when you follow him he will never forsake you!
Do something nice for someone you love this week. then listen to your favorite song and drive/walk/bike/fly/hike/dream of somewhere beautiful!

WE are the Architects of our own fate

Love you all

Elder Cole Boydstun