Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Christmas. Craciun. and snow

From December 29, 2014

This week was awesome. 

Beginning of the week..
We had our Christmas card idea thing that we did at our activity last week, and it turned out super solid. We got 4 referrals in a day from a member.. of people from his family. Super epic...first referrals I've ever got on my mission. 
So that is for sure something awesome. 

English started, my companion and I are just like floating around helping people teach since there are sufficient missionaries to teach the classes. 
We tried to print out more of those Christmas cards and the dude took 1.5 hours to print 5 pieces of paper. Super ridiculous, haha. These guys literally are just random dudes who buy a color printer, put it in a random flea market store and charge people to print stuff. And do a really mediocre job. 
I listened to this cool guy talk about life though. Dan Clark. He talked at BYU, and it was really cool. It made me want to do awesome things and not be ordinary. Soooo, unless you want to be average, go check it out.. it might inspire you.

The next day, I had an exchange with Elder Daland. He is sick and from California. It was extra cool. 

That morning, we went with the humanitarian senior couple and delivered the boots that were made custom for a bunch of people.
We delivered them at this random building, a bunch of ladies came that were slightly crippled (Polio) and some that were mute/deaf. 
It was really cool, we gave them boots and a book of Mormon wrapped up. I felt like santa
The place ended up being this semi-sketchy manufacturing place for life jackets with a bunch of these women in a room sewing and using sign language they made up. It was crazy and a cool experience. 
We delivered one of the referalls/Christmas cards and it was awesome. We kept it simple, powerful and short and I loved it.
Anatol, the dude who gave it to us, is one of the most legit and spiritual dudes I have ever met in my life. An example of how I want to see life and God. He is the man.

The next day,
Christmas! Way cool. I got some incredible socks and ties and a warm vest, cozy pillows, some cool little toys and so much candy it's unreal. I made some cookies and then went to go catch a bus out to a senior couples place to eat. 
The bus was super slow and old and it took us almost 1.5 hours to get there haha. Probably because right as we walked out of our place, the one we needed passed. The next time the same bus came, the guy just drove through the bus stop and didn't even stop. 
We ate a bunch of good food there, and we also watched "The Book Thief". A way cool movie.
Movies are great.

Skyping the fam was super legit. They are still awesome, and probably cooler than they were before. I love you all. Keep being awesome. I think we got most out that we wanted. So I'll keep this part brief.

The next day, we went and played soccer/football on some random turf field. We got kicked out, then played at a big field up on top of a hill. It was super muddy.

We had movie night with the branch (2 movies in two days. Both approved. (Solid). We watched Home Alone. One of the greatest Christmas movies ever. I can't even count how many times I have watched it throughout my childhood.

Zone conference was legit. 
We had a good time and I learned a lot of good stuff. President Ivory is the man and is for sure developing into a great Mission President, gaining respect and we are all growing together.

I learned some cool stuff. Like the fact we don't/can't just arrive at perfection. It sn't just a destination..
You cannot be afraid to fail.
And you will never succeed in any relationship if you only think of yourself. 

I hope this New Year starts off incredible and stays that way. I hope you can look back on 2014 and see the progress you have made and then think of the ways you can keep moving forward and progress more.

I am grateful for all you. My family, my friends.
You all have done so many great things for me and I hope you know I love you. 

It snowed today, and I bought a russian fur hat. It is the warmest thing I have ever put on my little dome. 
It's cool here because Russian Christmas is next week...double celebration

LA MULTI ANI!. happy new year 
craciun fericit!

va iubesc