Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Transfers. Trains and Sunshine

This past week has been pretty crazy.

Had to say goobye to my good austrian friend Lex.. and my Italiano Baielli. I love those guys!
This was after taking the 14 hour train to Bucaresti.
In Buc we were walking around downtown to a bookstore and I saw these old white haired guys cutting hair in this old-school barber shop. So I had them cut my hair. I got cleaned up with a straight razor and one of the most solid hair cuts I've ever had. 

It was awesome to see everybody from my MTC group. We hungout and traveled around the metro to get food together with everyone, it was a good time. I've got some solid friends here. Transfers are always crazy, but a good time. 

Anyways, we had to get 3 cities worth of Christmas transfer stuff into the train back to Chisinau. The border dudes cut open the ones in the sisters room and opened everything including all their wrapped packages, hahaha.
We hid ours like champions, I guess. 
My companion is this cool kid Elder Bateman. He is a surfer/photographer from Florida. so we get along pretty well. He is a funny dude with the driest humor ever. Like epic amounts of dryness at times. it is awesome, haha. We have been talking about the weird slang used in surfing and snowboarding and it is hilarious.

We have some really cool ideas that we are going to be using instead of dying in the cold and doing normal grinding work. So we have been looking for hardware stores that have the supplies we need to build some streetboard display type things. Literally just traveled into the depths of a part of the city. I had been walking around going in these weird construction warehouses and shops trying to ask them where this mega-store is someone told us about. It took 3 hours to find it, but it was crazy. Like Lowes/Home Depot but bigger. 
The most annoying part is.. the weird toothless old russian man, first guy I asked, at the first bus stop told me the right directions all along. Everyone else was very floppy with their directions, haha.

We also had to find a guy that made grommets, like eyehole things in vinyl. We looked all over the middle of the city. We finally go into this flea-market store thing. We go up to the 4th floor.. all of it is fabrics and womens scarves. Elder Bateman asks this lady and tries to explain it, then shows a photo. She points us to the end of the hall through a random door. We go through and then we have to turn right and duck under a ledge, go down a ramp.. then enter a clothing repair shop. This guy is randomly in a small room in the very back of this shop. haha it was crazy. I was laughin pretty hard over it. This guy breathed like he was snoring and spoke mostly Russian but we worked it all out. 
He said we spoke perfect Romanian, this guy didn't even speak Romanian that well, haha.

We are going to be doing some epic stuff this next week, so I am excited. 

Christmas is coming up. and it's a great time of year. Watch He is the Gift on and remember that He is the reason for tha Season! He loves you. I love you. you deserve the joy he offers. Follow him, and you WILL be where you NEED to be.
Go on an adventure this week and meet some strangers!

Love you all.
Elder Boydstun