Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Road Trippin

From May 18, 2015

It was so awesome to talk (Skype) to you guys. You all make me happy. 
I have been learning a lot. Lots of balance between justice and mercy. Leading by example and trying to lovingly push people to improve.  
This week was so sick.

The rain at the beginning was a bummer.
But I got to skype the FAM. Soooo coool man. They're so awesome. I was stoked to see em and talk. And hear all their crazy pronunciations of Romanian cities and what not. Incredible :)
I love you guys!

I guess I'll share some stories.
There's this member Gogu. Typical Romanian in believing in this mystical disease thing called "Curent". There are many rules to avoiding this perilous illness. One is by stuffing your ears with cotton. But most importantly, you must never have two or more windows open at the same time. One is fine, but as soon as that second one opens.. you are doomed. You are pretty much required to freak out and tell everyone why you are running around complaining and shutting windows. The airflow causes many problems like headaches, jaw aches, spinal problems etc.
But check this out. This dude comes in wearing pieces of WOOL taped on his back and on his shirt. Like literally slabs of lamb skins. I ask him why he has so much raw wool on his back and he blames Curent. 
The best is when you just say okay and accept the weirdness, then he starts trying to explain himself really hardcore as if I thought he was insane. Incredible.

The APs came up to stay with us. It was the bomb. I watched the craziest lightening storm take over the city from my window waiting for them to get in. Chilling with Elder Brown was awesome. We were in the same district back in my Arad days. Elder Brown is hilarious and from Bountiful/Centerville, went to Viewmont and we have a lot of mutual friends. He is a good friend. Also, Elder Allphin. He is from Lone Peak area and played on their national championchip b-ball team. He's the man.  
We had a dope mini-exchange and it revived me back to my adventure and meet cool people style of missionary work days.
We met this cool dude doing photography and shooting a sick video for a wedding in Piata Mare. He built his own mini helicopter for a go-pro with a balancing system and everything. He showed us it all and was so hyped. I was stoked. Sibiu IS incredible! 
We then proceeded to go on a road trip on the way up to Oradea for Zone conference. We were able to drive with them through some AWESOME moutains on the way from Sibiu to Oradea stopping in a little mountain village called Campeni. It was fun. 
We cruised  through some amazing mountains and canyons. This place is so beautiful, I just want to adventure the hills and crazy villages scattered amongst them. Sibiu - Campeni - Oradea.
The construction at the end of the drive was soo lame though, we were all done and just wanted to get there. It was funny. My tongue ended up being destroyed at the end of the drive from eating so many sunflower seeds. 

Zone Conf was legit. I needed it big time. Anyways, President was being awesome and dropping wisdom. We had some cool talks about being an Agent or an Object.. How we are free to choose liberty, freedom etc. or captivity and unhappiness. Are we acting or being acted upon? I am just stoked, it was exactly what I needed to hear. Just whether or not we are acting or being acted upon. It was awesome.  Things are so solid right now! 
President got us a personal driver to bring us back to Sibiu so I could make it to the Skype session we had for all the BP's in the west with a guy from the Area leadership in Europe (German dude). It was so cool. There was this part about how many times in small numbers we may think "there is just nobody else, that's why I am in this position" but we have to remember that God knows his work...  and there is purpose in why YOU are there right now! So it was cool and uplifting to realize.
They had these talks and just went all in talking about being there for individuals and not just doing work to say you got it done.. I guess Elder Bednar was at this seminar for Mish Presidents and had a personal talk with President's son Ellis. It was such a sick story. 
This Germany guy let us give feedback and ask a question. It was cool to get some legit guidance like that.
I have been more diligently using the "success formula" of our mission. Vision - Goals - Plans - Work
I sometimes have had a hard time with this when my goals don't end up working out like I planned. Like when the work I have tried hard to do here has changed to be a bit different than how I originally thought it would have worked out. And I feel like this discourages many missionaries - the results don't always come as we think. It's not as easy as it may seem, and I've worked even harder to include the Lord more. I've got my vision, my goals (righteous desires) and then I have my plans (resolves of what I can do in my power) and then I have the help I need from the Lord, and my commitments of what I am going to do to be worthy to recieve his help. This way we don't rely so much on ourselves - especially in this work. And you can revise the goals and such as you go forward. AND things are happening!  I feel really good about what we've accomplished here in Sibiu - with more to do. Transfer boards come out this Saturday so it's going to be crazy. I am pretty nervous to see what happens to this place and if I am going to leave. 
Another cool principle I will leave you all to think about is the toothbrush principle.
What do you do when you have nothing to do? What do you think about when you brush your teeth? 
God answers prayers. Involve him in what you do, you'll be happier. JUR FRATE CREDE-MA!
Check out the new "Mormon Message" on lds.org, you will like it. It's awesome.
Spiritual healing is gained by turning outwards!
va pup pa pa

- Elder Boydstun