Monday, May 11, 2015

black pigs and more sisters

From May 4, 2015
This week has been wild.

Lots of rain kinda destroyed my plans but we got some good stuff done and talked to a lot of cool people. 
There is this cool adventurer dude in our English class that has a The North Face sticker on his folder and talks about coconut oil and swimming. He is cool and asks me hardcore gospel questions before he leaves. It is awesome
The older ladies in our English class make teaching awesome. They just teach me new Romanian stuff while I teach 'em English. Sometimes I throw down some tongue twisters and they try so hard hahaha, it is great.

Din pacate, we didn't get to visit Mihai's garden, but he came to church and participated in my on the spot sunday school lesson. It's always cool when the sunday school teacher just asks if you are teaching today, you reply with aren't you? Then he just walks away. Thanks E!
I am not that good at Old Bible Romanian.
It goes well though. I just try to make people think. 
The other set of elders here in Sibiu got emergency transferred out and replaced with another set of sisters. The sisters were in a bad situation in their other area - being followed, etc. The elders here had an investigator on track for baptism and we have other male investigators we are working with and are the only branch with a missionary BP and the branch is mostly unmarried men! I was worried about everything with a lot more men to work with and then have 4 sisters and being down two elders. But President replied and said I should always tell him what I am thinking and that I need to put the Craciun family (old BP) to work. I just called him as the branch mission leader actually. So that was cool. And just that the Lord is in charge of this work not him or me. That was cool too.  And something I do know. Said that things will come together as they should.  
The sisters are great sisters and will do solid work. So I'm going to let it happen and go forward and let God do his thing! 
I am studying priesthood now and it is awesome, a little confusing but really cool and helping me understand how to be a righteous leader. And how to fully obtain the priesthood. A common misconception is that as soon as we get ordained we are just ready to go and it's all done and in ink. But really we still have to work to recieve the fullness promised by the father. We read about it in DC 84 & 121
My studies have been awesome. Like to the point where I sometimes have to just sit back or lay down and gather my thoughts. I get almost overwhelmed by it, it is so awesome. D&C 93:36-37 have been some of my favorites. I might have written about them before.. But it applies so much to repentance and coming unto Christ. He wants us to understand! We just have to fight for it and he will make us like him!
Today we went to the church to help out Roger.. the old english dude who lives in the boonies and holds a cool little group in a sat called Loman. Ya, so we got a ton of chairs from the basement of the church (super sketchy) and gathered them into his trailer. Then piled ourselves into the backseat of his car because some RANDOM other English dude named Christ came along. Like really, just some random one-armed dude staying with him in the middle of Romania came along.. Then we cruised out to his place. We made him PB&J sandwiches, he had never had one before. And we played with his dog. Ran along these cool hills and I trekked into some forest trying to find a creek.. Failed but happened to find ourselves on this old ladies property after climbing under a fence chasing the dog.. she was incredibly nice though and started up a great little convo while raking nothing on her big grassly plot of land. This lady looked like she was at least 80 but had a sick satellite TV set up. 
And getting back to Rogers palce I chased a huge black pig up the hill over the other side of the fence to these old farm boys.
it was hilarious man. Romania rules.

I have to go. But I hope your week rules! 

Love you all.

- Elder Boydstun