Monday, May 11, 2015

barbeques and frisbee

From April 27, 2015
This week has been really awesome.
The weather is buna and everyone is happy. Occasional rain storms in the evening or morning. This city is great man. It almost feels like California. 

English started a week early so that is awesome. We usually get there a bit early so we can set stuff up and I usually challenge Eugen (member..) to a chess match. 
Met a cool dude that wanted to know a lot more about Joseph Smith and also got invited to this Rotary Club party anniversary concert thing that we are going to tonight. I am stoked haha.

We barbequed about 3 times this week. It was awesome. just throw down a BBQ for lunch then we invite some Friends/investigators to go play ultimate frisbee in the park and it is way fun. Life is the best when you are out just making friends and loving these people. Then we just drop the hammer on some awesome spiritual thoughts at the end of the activities we do or at the end of English Class. I love it. Sometimes it ends up really awkward, like a lady saying.. "So what do you guys say about repentance or sins? I study it and I just don't know.. Like what if I don't think I have ever sinned?" then all the other older ladies in the class just go "oooohhhhhhhh myyy" and it was ridiculous and we just try to chill everyone out and teach. It is incredible hahaha

I also had the chance to mow and trim the lawn at the church this week. I am really actually happy about it. Keeping the place looking nice and staying out in the nice sunshine and cool breeze. There are some awesome cherry trees and apple trees in the back of the church, and they are blooming and looking real beautiful. 

We had some awesome lessons this week. Really getting people to dive into the scriptures. Get stoked on the gospel and just gaining wisdom and stuff. It is the coolest. And the best part.. it starts with us, so more of a reason to go hard figuring out the mysteries of God. 
The Craciun family here is the coolest and we had a sick convo with them for a while. Gettin to know them and introduce ourselves.
I was thinking my Romanian was sucking but after talking to them for a few hours I was feeling pretty good about it again. I love Romanian man. it is cool!

my memory is really bad right now, so I hope this email covers all the awesome stuff that happened. I guess when we were playing frisbee there was this wedding going down by the park and they were playing this cool Reggae music so I felt like I was somewhere tropical. it was the bomb! 
Oh, we met up with the old BP and his wife. They are so cool. They actually like studying hard and figuring stuff out. So I am stoked, finally someone to converse with about some deep interesting stuff. And we visited another member we are working with.  I had a cool district meeting with the missionaries where I talked about D&C 93: 36-37 in correlation with the change of heart made in Mosiah 5. Cool stuff. Then 2 Peter 1: 4-9
I wish you could understand what it is like here. But I don't think anybody could without experiencing it. I mean, you can say that about any mission.. but this one really IS different! haha. It hasn't really been stagnant at all like it might seem. Ups and downs, crazy stuff, drama, almost baptisms, people coming back. Things are going in the right direction here now. Lots of great potential being realized and praying hard to know what to do.We are trying to make a theme and calendar. Kinda like the thing they did for stake conference back home. Getting a theme and something to remind us throughout the week, etc.  And trust me, lots of praying!
We have been making some cool new friends (investigators) and members are getting more stoked. We just want to make this place happy, uplifting spiritually, organized, interesting, inspirational and fuuuunnn! 
This week will be awesome. 

I love Sibiu.

va iubesc. stati cu minti

- Elder Boydstun