Tuesday, May 26, 2015

adio sibiu. forza zu!

This weekend was pretty miraculous
The weather is getting waaarm and it's been so solid. 

Zoo; conference; concert; transfer...
We had a cool time. We got some friends and went out to the zoo. It is a pretty cool zoo. The lions were going wild and I gave some baboons popcorn. Those things are straight up freaks! But the little baby baboon there was awesome. 

The hugest concert in all of Romania was in Sibiu this week. The stage was enormous and pretty much every star of Romanian music was there. It's called Forza ZU, and they hold it once a year. All of centru, piata mare, was filled. Probably 10k people there no joke haha.  A cool member kid from Ploiesti was here so we went with him for just a little bit. I went to go rain dance english cards to everyone in the crowd. It was epic haha. Romanians love music. There was this one group of like Romanian bon jovi/aerosmith, it was hilarious cause everyone just went insane. 

We did some hard preperation for branch conference. ya know... cleaning and trying to mow the lawn... but lame european electric mowers ruin the day, and busted extention cords. But we did have a miraculous turn out. (and I made some soooollllidd chili that everyone was stoked on after all the meetings and stuff.) We set this goal to get 23 people at church outside of us 6 missionaries, it was a pretty solid goal. My brother Gray sent me a book for my b-day called Drawing on the Powers of Heaven. It talks about setting goals and accomplishing righteous desires, I totally followed it and used faith hardcore this last week to accomplish a goal of getting 23 people (outside of missionaries) at sacrament meeting. We average 15-16 with missionaries. So that's double and some. I set the direct, distinct goal. Set the plans/resolves of how to accomplish it. I set out the help we needed from the Lord, and the commitments to be worthy to receive it...being obedient and praying distinctly for the goal to come to pass. Help being to soften hearts and prepare teachers/speakers etc. It worked!!!! We had 23 people exactly when sacrament started, including an investigator, two english students I invited, and 2 random Americans working in Romania and a member from Ploiesti and one from Cluj. It was craaaazzy when I realized it. Also, By the end of sacrament we had 36-38 people there. That's almost triple our average!! yayyayglh;oawtgaio;erh!!!!
God is good! He made it happen!
Sooo epic. I was losing it, I was just so hyped. Because that left them all hearing some solid messages. I got to speak, and I tried to call everyone to Jesus. It was the best. For real, this is THE path. DO IT. You're only going to get eternal happiness, no biggie. It just makes me happy to see other people get stoked and start learning a lot of really awesome stuff. It's all about the love! 
Elder Smith (Sr) came and it was awesome. We are pretty tight. He is such a solid friend. He has helped me so much on my mission. I just want to get as much wisdom from the guy as possible. He has the whitest hair ever, he has to be a wise guy.
And... I got released as BP... It is time for my comp Pres. (Elder) Kennedy to take over. Anyways, Elder Kennedy is the new BP. He is gonna kill it and do good work. He's going to grow a lot too, haha.  e randul tau amiculeeeee! 
This place was the BEST and most insane thing that has ever happened to me. I love it so much, ahh. I'm going to miss it and these people... all friends!

oh yeah,
PS.. I am getting transferred to Bucuresti. I am out to the big city.  I will be with Elder Lybertt, he is from Canada and I'll be in the Panduri branch.. I hear he is awesome, so I am stoked. It's going to be insane going from tripping out and planning Sundays to go well and asking people to speak etc.. to a branch of like 70 people and stuff. 
I am going to be a zone leader or whatever now.  Basically I just want people to get stoked on life and have fun working hard this summer, making friends and teaching em about the sickest message/life ever. I guess I am also in district with the office elders and APs, which will be sick since there are some serious homies there! I'm in this new International district.. so I guess I work with a lot of people from outside of Romania that live there now. Like these Malaysians that came up to Sibiu with President Ivory. 
Buc life is about to get crazy! Summer will be epic. I'm going to miss friends that go back home this transfer... it was real. 

Life is good. God is real and he wants you to be saved. 
Get some spiritual healing this week and turn outward. It is the best.

va iubesc pe toti
iubesc Sibiu
iubesc Romania

- Elder Boydstun