Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Week of travels. More travels to come

From March 9, 2015
Transfers happened. 
We got on the train at 6:30.. enjoyed (psych) the next comfortable (psych) 6 hours until Bucuresti. We made it a good time though. I can't remember everything that happened anymore but Romania is cool, going through the mountains was incredible too. The Carpathians are so amazing I just want to explore them so badly.

Anyways, Buc was cool. We had to go straight to this meeting at the new mission office. The office is way nice... 
They asked me to stay at the trainers meeting, so I learned some cool stuff and it was pretty awesome. I had some good conversation with my Finnish friend Elder Hokkanen before he left. He's hilarious, haha. I love that guy.
That night was super crazy though, we had 12 people staying at the AP's place and had to get up early and go back to another meeting the next day. I was able to get out and accomplish a few other things I needed to do.
We got some awesome mexican food. I missed that stuff. It wasn't anything like in America, but still pretty solid.

I stayed with Elder Johnson the next night, he is such a HOMIE! We talked all about skiing and hiking/adventuring etc. It was legit. He's a good dude. 

- My new comp is Elder Reed. He is the man. We are good friends and having fun while doing solid work. Setting good plans and goals to get this place to continue growing. He's in his last transfer. it is legit. We are going to get fit again too, so that'll be nice. Been going hard in mornings and yoga at night haha, it is awesome.

Coming back to Sibiu was cool. Elder Everton in my district is training, so getting on the train was hilarious as a gypsy guy with busted up legs gets on and scoots down the aisle of the train asking for money.. he ends up right at the new guy and us and the guys going to Brasov just sat back and watched to see his reaction haha it was incredible. It's awesome being with a new guy again and realizing all the stuff I have just become accustomed to now. 

This week is going to be epic. Tomorrow we go to Ploiesti for a zone conference, then the next evening we need to get ourselves on a train to Arad.... because..... 
My legit investigator there... GHITI is gettin baptized. I am talking at his baptism. I am sooo stoked. The dude is such a good guy and I can't wait to see him again and especially as he gets baptized. I knew it would happen, just had to wait 10 months. He has a legit testimony. I am so stoked... 
So yeah.. I am going back to my birth city and it is for the greatest reason ever. Couldn't have asked for anything better.

Life is good. God is real. He loves us. Diligence and obedience to the Word, and to his Law... he is bound to bless us. Live it, it is the most rewarding thing you will ever do.

cu drag,
Elder Boydstun