Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Deva. hard labor. Sighisoara

From March 23, 2015

I realize that I haven't had a full week in Sibiu for about 5 weeks now. 

We went out to visit some members in Deva. It was legit. The branch there was shut down about 2 years ago and there are some major beefs between some members/leaders. It is weird. So basically we had to spread the love and also drop the hammer saying it's time to leave the past and let's GO! We Actually committed them and set up a study group. So there is basically a group started there now and we are going to work on getting them to start having sacrament meeting. It's ground work but challenging them to leave the scars of the past and build it up like it's new and clean. It will be another awesome battle.
There was a super funny bum there that we talked to as we left their place. He was rolling a bunch of cigarettes he picked up off the street into a newspaper and I was just like "bro that is not good for you" he laughed and offered me some then wobbled over to some random trees in the middle of this small concrete park between two streets. 
thought I'd just let you know… haha - Romania.

We got visited by this 80 year old dude named Mihai. He wanted us to come and labor it up and help him out at his patch of land on the outskirts of the small city I'm in. We got lost a few times trying to find it since he thinks telephones are a virus to the human race. He had us straight up dig out and re plant these gnarly thorny trees. One of his neighbor field homies came over, I wish I could explain how awesome it is how old Romanian friends talk to each other.  It's like a whole new form of language with super funny words, and the fact that their tone of voice seems like they should be punching each other in the face but they are just having normal conversation. haha, it rules.
Anyways, it was awesome. The dude has a peg leg pretty much and wears mismatching boots and just kills it. 

BP life is interesting, extending callings and making legit plans and gathering members to help them with their branch, trying to have them minister unto themselves, so that is super cool and legit. We are getting people hyped on missionary work and the branch being united, while making it fun and stuff. We are probably going to do this stuff called Graffiti Moss on this old rusty gate in the back of the church. You basically paint this moss mixture and it grows however you paint it, so it's going to be great!

Today we went to this awesome city called Sighisoara. It's a super cool medieval city in the midst of transylvania where Vlad "the impaler" lived. There are windy cobble stone streets and colorful buildings etc. an old church on top of a hill with a cool old cemetery and stuff. It's a cultural melting pot. I heard probably 5 languages+ being spoken there. I climbed up this tree on the hill and looked out over the city. it was super cool. 

SO YEAH! this week was cool. My studies are getting back to being really epic, thanks to the assist of Anziano Minor back in Italy. He comes clutch with the study ideas. Reading of the conversion process and process of sanctification in Romans is awesome. Check it out. Putting off the natural man and really knowing Christ.

Life is beautiful. Go out and enjoy spring. Thank God for the chance you have to live on this planet! It's awesome.

Love you all.

- Elder Boydstun