Monday, April 13, 2015

steak. one legged bikers. tigers

From March 30, 2015

I spent some more time hopping trains this week. 

And just a random insight.. KFC is way better here than in the states.

Elder Reed and I got a huge steak meal for like 20 lei. thats.. what... 5 bucks? And we grilled hardcore. It was so amazing. I was so pumped though and I ate way too much of course. Mission life I guess. Kaufland does it well,

We went down to Ploiesti for an exchange with the ZLs. Elder Montoya is the man. We had a solid day. We went and visited this dude who runs a motorcycle shop out of his house and only has one leg. It was awesome. Elder preece taught him way back when he was being trained. So like 2+ years ago. 
Ploiesti is pretty weird and I ripped my pants jumping a small fence to cross train tracks... :( oh well.
We had to run to Bucuresti to get refund money from travels and apartment bills since everyone is broke right now. And the Nelsons in the office were so incredible and took Elder Reed and I to a steak house, holy it was sooo good! They are awesome. 

Things are goin solid in the branch though. I've extended some callings and it's going to work. A super sick investigator came to church and testified how he felt like he found what he had been searching for and that we were like a family. It was super dope then he committed to baptism in a few weeks.
But this old guy also came and we were talking about family history and the teacher asked him to tell us about himself. He starts saying about how he is a hard worker and then how he is smart and put some carrots out on his porch in the rain so they would wash themselves.  But when he looked in the morning someone had stolen them. so someone asks "did you call the police?" and this young guy starts laughin hard about that question for carrots. It's funnier in Romanian I promise... 

Today we went to the zoo here in Sibiu. There were some awesome bears and some cool tigers. And there were these jaguar.. cubs.. kittens? (young jaguars) and they were in these small exhibit things with two dogs. haha I guess they help them so they don't turn into freaks when they grow up but act like dogs.. I don't know! ROMANIA. It was pretty awesome though. Eugen loved it a lot. He asked us to go with him for like 3 weeks but we were busy. So yeah he was stoked. We had a good time.

Conference is coming up. Prepare yourselves to be filled with the good word of God! INVITE A FRIEND. God is Love. 

And to all those who added on to that epic book thing my mom sent me for my year mark. THANK YOU. It was awesome and I love you guys. 

My family and Friends are awesome

Love you all,

Elder Boydstun