Monday, December 1, 2014

Knockin blocs

Thanksgiving was solid! 
 Lex and I made poppy seed cake, Lex's favorite thing ever haha. it was good. 

Chisinau is awesome, I love it here.  Anyways things have been a little slow for Lex and I.  At least on the number side of things. No lessons this week, but we did some good    stuff so it's alright...just keep goin forward!

Branch was still pretty solid, it'll get better from here on out too. some bumps in the way are expected, no stress! Anatolie is the coolest guy ever. 

Ps. I always wonder how you guys pronouce names of places and names :) haha 
Elections were yesterday, so I don't know what happened yet. If you can figure it out, let me know haha. hope the commies didn't win!  There are Posters with a  picture of these Moldovan political leaders meeting with Putin and it says "TOGETHER WITH RUSSIA!" and it all solcialist and stuff it's crazy haha 
Sometimes it is annoying to think that we don't get many lessons and stuff, but the things we do do here many times are small works that will lead to bigger things. So, it is awesome once you just relax and figure it out. It's funny to me getting emails from people (other missionaries) in the Americas saying "crazy 3 hours where we didn't know what to do since all our lessons were falling through so we knocked some doors and tried to call some people, then finally someone answered ..... then mid lesson it was amazing and we committed him to baptism in 2 weeks."   I am here like... yeah I knocked on 5 whole apartment buildings and one person talked to us for maybe 2 minutes outside their door asking us if we liked the beautiful Moldovan women. hahaha 
We spent a good chunk of time contacting this week and knocking blocs. There is always really weird things in blocs. I've always heard "if you want good stories from your mission, go bloc knocking."They are just huge apartment buildings that are sketchy and awesome, filled with all types of interesting people and things. So from helping some guys carry a massive, seriously massive, sack of potatoes off the almost death trap elevator - to getting yelled at by old women in Russian…it's wonderful.
Anyway, we were walking along, trying to find some potentials.. knocking some doors and getting lost, normal. On our way back to our place, we see a girl  from the branch working in this stand thing handing out flyers, so we stop and say hello. Her friend/co-worker looks at us and says "where are you from?" Elder Lex says "Austria, and he's from America".  She looks a me and says "so you speak english?" "Yes, of course I speak English." "Where'd you learn Romanian?" "Romania." Then she proceeds to hand me a small piece of paper and a pen. "What's this for?" Another girl in the back says "PHONE NUMBER!" So I laugh and give her my name and an english card and she gives me her number. I still got game SON! haha it was hilarious.. and most likely just because I'm American, but whatever! 
We also got permission to watch dispicable me with the branch, so that was incredible of course. that movie rocks haha.
We also found a street board at our church we've been using. Basically a wood structure with pictures of Christ and temples and some info on it. We just stick it in the front of the park in the middle of town. Some cop came at us, and I thought we were done for. But he was cool and just wanted to make sure we weren't doing a flash mob, hahaha. 
Something I've wanted to do for sure is just to become a better teacher. Sometimes you wonder if you're just not teaching well.. but always having to remember that his sheep will hear his voice! So as long as you're teaching the truth and testifying, you are doing what's right!
It's super cold and snowed a little bit and I was so pumped. I got a mini snowball to the head and I wish it would snow more. For now, it's just freezing cold. 
Sunday was awesome as the first week with the split branch. Bro. Cociu gave an incredible super heartfelt talk and I loved it so much. He is the coolest guy ever... we still had a solid turn out in members coming as well and it's only going to get better. 
Moldova is incredible. As I said, the elections were yesterday and I don't see any crazy public demonstrations from whoever lost, so I'm assuming things went well, haha. we'll see though! 
Today will be awesome though we are going to play soccer in some indoor place and I am pumped for it. 
Hope all is well. Hope Thanksgiving was filled with tryptopahn and love! 
va iubesc 
- Elder Boydstun