Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Transfers. swiss-german. auf wiedersehen LEX


This week was pretty awesome as Elder Lex's last week.
We made incredible food everyday and it was great

It has been freezing rain and it is nuts now. Like it rains and as soon as it hits the ground, or whatever it touches... everything freezes. So watching people eat it and fall way hard was both sad and hilarious. 

I got these custom fitted shoes this week, and I was pretty sad about it because they were so hard and my feet were not happy.. but now they are like gloves and I love them. So yeah. this little semi-crippled dude named Constantin is a little shoe wizard. Missionaries have been going to him for a while and I guess now he is doing some service project for the church.

Yesterday this guy who is a world traveler came and said goodbye to Lex. He is the most awesome guy ever.. He randomly came to church one time before I got here because he had never been to a Mormon church before. Then he talked  to Lex forever.. This guy is from Switzerland and has dreads and a cool beard and is so happy. He speaks english really well and speaks swiss-german and high-german and austrian-high-german and learned turkish from living in turkey for 6 months. 
Yeah... there is apparently many variations to German. Anyways, he tried to read the Book of Mormon in English, but said the old-world American-English is way too hard and he had to try so hard to understand that it wasn't making sense. So we got him a German one later that night after traversing across the hills of Botanica in the ice rain. We talked about amish people and his adventures. I have a photo. I will probably send it. 

We showed all our English class the new "He is the Gift" video. A missionary in the office translated it into Romanian. (#sharethegift, don't hashtag in emails, this is an exception)
It really is a cool video. Go check it out... share the love of Christ. it is real and brings us together as humans despite our many differences. 

I also got an incredible letter from my friend Elder Minor from the mtc. 
The fact that we are all different is something we should embrace as we all are on our journey to Know Christ. Meaning we shouldn't stress so hard or worry so much about conforming to this perfect mold of the person we think we need to be. Not meaning we shouldn't strive to improve and grow as much as possible, but to take in our talents, our gifts and our differences to give something new to the world.
Christ doesn't just make up the difference. He is the difference. His grace is sufficient. follow him, and you'll be where you need to be. 

Anyways, transfers are happening. Elder Lex goes home to Austria. We both go down to Bucuresti today and it'll be a good time. I am stoked to see some friends and a little bittersweet to say goodbye, for now to a few others. 
My new companion will be Elder Bateman, I don't really know him. He's in his 4th transfer or so and I heard he likes surfing and is from Florida. So we will get along. 

Christmas is soon. There are an epic amount of lights and trees everywhere in Centru here. This transfer is going to be awesome. 

Oh yeah, I am staying in Chisinau. wooo

eine dose mitleid fur ELDER LEX. bloop! ooohhh...

Have a good week. Celebrate the 14th in remembrance of me. 
Does this mean I have to be an adult now?

Elder Boydstun