Monday, November 17, 2014

Lasi, Baptism, Moldova vs Lichtenstien

This week was incredible.  So many good things are happening it is crazy!

The baptism happened. It went really well, I was so stoked to see one for the first time here. Cool thing is, we have one scheduled every week now for the rest of the transfer... cool, huh?
Chisinau is awesome, and President is putting a ton of trust in this place and things are happening.
We had a cool mission conference in Lasi this week, it was super cool. Elder Kearon from the 70 came. He has been a member since he was 26 and was called to Second Quorum of 70 when he was 48. Crazy.  (It took him 2 years of lessons before he accepted baptism)
He had a lot of really great things to say and I wish I brought my notes so I could remember and share them with you. A lot about consecrating our time and efforts and taking the Setting Apart literal. Stepping it up and taking it to a very real level of setting ourselves apart from the world.
He also talked about uniting in prayer. The past few months, President has asked us all to unite in prayer. So we pray together at 6:30 am, 10 am, 10 pm. as a mission. It is cool and we've already seen blessings from it. Elder Kearon is literally incredible. I learned so much.. even in just the first 5 minutes of noticing and noting his composure and demeanor. So composed and sincere and so much love being expressed. Everyone felt like he was talking directly to them and for them. He formed his lesson around our needs and our desires, taking stories and questions.. asking for our imput but not a "guess what I am thinking" game. He is English so he also said I bunch of funny British mannerisms like "niggles"hahaha. But really, it was awesome. Lasi is a cool city, too. We didn't see to much. Pres is very business, get in, get out, get to work. I like it though. It makes me feel like the work is most important, which it is. 
Kearon said that he felt something here and he explained it to the zone leaders and sister training leaders at the mission leadership council in Bucharesti. He said there is something that he felt in Cape Verde (or something) in Spain. and he said that Romania/Moldova will be like the "Brazil of Europe"
Crazy coool. It was a good time!
I am doing well, feel good. Probably not going back to Romania for a while. That's fine though. I love this place.  I think we are going to have a Thanksgiving thing together with the two Senior Couples here in Chisinau. So we'll see how it goes.
English started, so that is crazy and cool and we had a ton of people that came. So basically we had a solid weekend of fast/prayer last week. Ended up getting 10 people that are interested in learning more about the church. So sick!  So, at the end of English (Lex and I teach beginners) we were announcing the 2-min pause and then a spiritual thought. Then this guy just asks "So what religion is this? What church? What makes you different?"  Elder Lex started explaining and we said the name of the church or otherwise known as Mormons. Then I said one thing that is different about us is we believe in the Restoration of the gospel. Elder Lex backed me up and explained Christ establishing his church and then it being lost and then JS. Then I explained how he had a question and that is how it began. And our offer to the world is to read the Book of Mormon and to ask God if it is true and then if it is.. (insert implications). Etc.
It was crazy. We just testified hardcore to like 15 people just sitting and listening. Then after, some guy came and gave us his info wanting to know more. SICK!!   What makes you different"?  Oh let me tell you, man!
When we went to Lasi, we had to take a Maxi Taxi there. So basically a sprinter van filled with bus seats, like the party van things. But anyways, the roads in Moldova are the worst in the world. Like that literally might be a fact, look it up for me haha. We crossed the border and all. We got there fast since driving here is just a free for all blitz wherever you are going.
Elder Kearon from the 70  dropped some sincere and loving WISDOM. I loved it so much, I learned a ton from him. He talked WITH us about consecrating ourselves and setting ourselves apart from the world, to become the men/women we can be. Living on a high standard. He stressed big time a solid Morning Routine. Getting up on time, work outs, eating well and attacking the day. He says that if you go about just lazily and mediocre, you will have a mediocre (at best) day. Then that reflects to the week, month, year, life!
So that is my challenge to you.. Go out and get it!
We got voie to go to the Moldova/Lichtenstein Euro Cup match this Saturday, after a baptism so that was incredible. Off course it was mostly in Russian but that's just fine. Moldova ended up losing off a FOOLISH free kick goal right infront of the box.. perfect upper 90 shot, I got it on film. It was incredible though, just seeing Moldovans get crazy and support their insane little country. So stoked about it. haha!
Of course I got an awesome Moldova scarf.

Yeah but basically that's all I can even remember. 
I am tired all the time, but so stoked on life. it is cool...
"Be happy, but don't be satisfied." 
Push yourself to do something incredible this week.
Elder Cole Boydstun