Sunday, November 16, 2014


From Monday Nov. 10, 2014

Time is flying by.. 

Moldova is awesome. it is crazy and a bigger city. it was cold the beginning of the week but has warmed up!  Chisinau is still crazy. Russian is still everywhere. This email miiiight be shorter

We were English contacting, like handing out English class cards and stuff. This guy stopped and talked to us for a second about English and he wanted to give some cards to his friends or something. Then saying goodbye he straight up Nazi saluted us. Like yelled "heil!" and did the whole wave thing. It was nuts! haha I died laughing for a while.

A lot of the main streets here are filled with street merchants or whatever they would be called. They sell a lot of random stuff.. onions, branza (cheese?), slippers, home made beer, fur hats, etc. Sometimes they are just old ladies that put out a bunch of stuff on blankets and don't even try to sell it, just sit and talk to other old ladies. Or like the random old dude that is selling military fold up shovels. 

But today, we went and got fitted and described to this guy and woman for custom shoes. they are way cool and legit handmade. and they would probably total up to like 30 USD. got to get some shoes for winter, why not get them fitted to my foot?

We've had a lot of planning to do this week and brainstorming to use this upcoming week. We are focusing on doing some cool contacting with some crazy new methods or something.
Being bold.

The whole communist party thing is getting crazy. They have tent things set up and hand out their flyers all over. Same with the EU guys. I guess elections are coming up.

The only time I get bummed out is maybe an hour or two wishing I could utilize my opportunity and find people that are open when things are slow. But we have been fasting and praying to find a way to contact people and find those who are prepared. Being a missionary is awesome, you'd like it.

The sisters here are way cool and funny. The branch here is awesome and they have institute, FHE, and sports night set up weekly. People come and are involved…a solid branch. We had like 60 people at church this Sunday so it's a lot bigger than Arad. Still work to do and strengthening and finding, of course.

People are poor for sure, some are okay. It seems like Corruption is a big problem in Moldova since there is advertisements against it all over and in the city buses and stuff.. so there isn't much of a middle class, ya know? Also it's crazy that the communist party is a legit thing haha, they have tent things set up handing out flyers and posting them across the city and some drive around with commie flags in their car windows. Elections are soon here. 

We had a really cool meeting with our Branch President this week. He FED us... whoa man. It was some really good pasta that he learned to make when he was in Italy. He went on a mission. Super cool family, I got fed for the first time by a member and we had a cool message that I will write in a second.

We also met up with the Cociu family and they are incredible man. My comp just had them baptized last transfer.  They are the happiest little family here and their two kids are awesome. Lorenziu and Maxim. They were just being typical little kids, trying to long jump off the bed over their dad and then playing catch with a stuffed cow toy. I love families. Something kinda rare here, sadly!

Anyways, something Elder Lex has taught me.. I will probably use forever. 
A method to setting goals to reach a vision or idea. We shared this with our Branch Pres.
First, you have to create a vision... where you want to be, what you want to do, who you want to be.. think it out and envision it. Somewhere you aren't yet, but want to be, and believe in.  Something that brings joy into your little ol heart.
Take that vision and think of what needs to happen to achieve it, the goals you need to set to make the steps towards the vision. 
Then take those goals and make plans on how to reach the goals. Maybe something you need to do daily to achieve the goal. numbers are annoying but they help.. step outside your comfort zone. reach towards your potential.
Then, it's going to come down to Work and Accountability.. man up, and take responsibility. It's your life, Live it!

Take it as a challenge to set a vision, whether it is in your family, career, school, world adventures, whatever... sit down, pray, think and dream a little and make it happen. Read a book, and learn something cool. 

Most important, know that God loves you. He wants you to be happy, he's got your back and he knows exactly what is going to last. Turn to him and you will find life eternal.

I love you all. Thank you for the love you send my way and the friendship. Keep it real! 

- Elder Boydstun