Saturday, November 1, 2014

I am going to Moldova

From Monday October 27

This week was awesome. Solid way to end the transfer.

Let me tell you

We were walking to the tailor down the street from our place to pick up my comps pants and such, and this real random BILLY GOAT is just bahh-ing at us from inside this garage/gated off place right next to the street. That was crazy! He had full fledged ram horns and everything.

We met up with our investigator friend Ghiti. Incredible. He is the man, and I am going to miss this guy. I've been meeting up with him weekly for probably 5 months now. 
But it was basically a "where are you at and how can we help you grow even more". We conversed, he gave us some juice, and talked about work, blah blah. Then we started talking about faith and the legit transformation he has gone through the past 5 months into a happier and more Christ-like guy. 
That is the stuff that makes me happy, when people actually change and find joy and peace in their lives. Not just the numbers of lessons. 
But he stepped out of the room, I looked at my comp.. we both say "so are we going to set a baptismal date or what? "13th or 20th of December?"
He comes back and I challenge him to take the step to follow Christ and to grow closer to him and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost by being baptized on the 20th of December.
He agreed. It's going to be a work in progress to help him prepare, but it's going DOWNNN. So stoked.
It was the most flowing relaxed cool conversation. He testified to me about how this is the Church of Christ, and his testimony of the Book of Mormon.
Incredible. WORD to my brother Dustin for hooking me up to be bold.

We had a cool Halloween party, I wrecked everyone at a competition of eating some nasty ginger cookie off a string and got my face painted like an old man.
My branch pres got convinced into bobbing for apples. Oh my, one of the funniest things I've ever seen.
I'm going to miss this guy. I can finally understand his crazy mach 10 Romanian super slurred talk and now...

I'm getting transferred to Chisinau, Moldova! Soo stoked. I am going to be with Elder Lex. He is incredible and from Austria. I wanted to learn Italian, but I guess I'll be picking up on German and Russian now. Whatever works. I am super pumped though. I've heard only beautiful things about Moldova (if you know what I'm sayin) hahaha. 
The branch there is way cool, I guess. It'll for sure be different than the little city of Arad. Going from a city of 200,000 people.. to a City/area of 800,000. 
I hear Moldova is incredible so I am super lucky.  Everybody in Oradea (they've all been here longer) keep telling me that we are "the companionship" now and it's going to be incredible.  So I am way stoked!

It was tougher than I expected to say goodbye to the people here…I love them. But, I've got time to come back.

Today, we went to Timisoara, it is such a sick city. A college city so there's a ton of young people and it's way cleaner than Arad. Way cool Centru that is super open. And a bunch of cool graffiti everywhere. 
We had some good talks, and some crazy discussion about some theories about the 3 wise men. 
Today was solid.

I can't remember everything that happened this week, but that's the gist of it. Gray is killing it in Med school of course. Baby is chubby and white and healthy, haha. The cat outfit is solid and Gray's chili peppers shirt rules!

I'll be heading to Buch tomorrow and get in Wednesday morning, then leave later that day to Chisinau. 
I guess they stop and wake you up at the boarder to check passports and whatnot. and I guess they actually have to lift the train up and switch the train wheels because they changed the train tracks at the boarder in case of war times. 
So that'll be cool. I'll send pictures when I can! 

Keep adventuring, because life is boring with out it!
 oh and... It's not an adventure unless something goes wrong!  Super cool, huh?

Keep doing your thing, be obedient in following Christ. Seek him and you'll figure life out>

Love you,
Elder Cole Boydstun