Saturday, October 25, 2014

zimura-cuz. ceramics. siria.

It rained this week and was not warm at all…absence of heat was real. It was a solid week. We had a lesson with this new guy from English. Not toooo interested in religion but there's always potential!

I'm really not that stressed! I was just wondering why the work is so different seeming here, but that's just the way it is. 
I tried to meet up with our main investigator this week many times, G but              everything was just not letting it happen. Like the super weird dude that came up to us with an uneven stache, talking about Morgan Freeman. I don't even know. I really wanting to push hard this last week of transfer to get some good things in and hopefully meet with G a couple times.  Arad is still going and rolling. the momentum is still here and especially with Less actives and organization we have in the branch now. We need a solid foundation to bring people into! 
We got into this theology school to try and talk to the big boss guy about doing a Christmas concert, but he wasn't there. Another random holiday in Romania I guess. I would've thrown it down if he was there though. Everyone was blown away we were just chilling in this Orthodox Priest training facility.   
We had Fam Home Evening, nobody really came haha but we had one guy there that stayed from after english and he's a member. We played some games, shared some riddles. Some kids were there and they are all types of crazy. They went crazy trying to get me to give them candy for some reason. Like serious, malicious attempts to shake candy out of my arms. Sora Smith gave them hard boiled eggs, hahaha - solid replacement, right? 
We went to this small town outside of Arad called Zimura-Cuz to do some contacting. We get there and it is a really odd, poor farming sort. We just start goin' down the street... nobody has doorbells besides a few. I talked to about 3-4 people though. Then went down this street and a real old lady was standing in her doorway and started yelling towards us, some gibberish. I asked her to repeat 3 or 4 times.. I literally could not understand if she was actually saying words or just noises. Then I finally understood as she mustered to get out "What day is it?", hahaha. I was dying, but I let her know it was Wednesday. She confirmed a few times that it was Wednesday and then said thank you. One of those "where am I, hahaha" moments.   
Thursday was Elder D's birthday. We had a lesson and the dude was just really confused or something about when to meet up. He got there at 9:30 and said the gate was locked so he went home. I called him and asked if he was still gonna come. He thought we were having a lesson with multiple people or something so he thought people would be there already.. anyways he was an hour early. I dunno.  It went pretty well! But AFTER, we were walking home and got a call from the sister's investigator. Cool girl, she speaks english well and was wishing Elder D a happy b-day. Then we got invited to go to a ceramics class with her. Of course we went. I made a cool bowl on the wheel and a couple other small things. Basically just us, her, and about 12 really young little girls.. oh and one little boy. The teacher was really nice and told us stories about greek mythology.   
I started reading "The Infinite Atonement" by Tad R Callister. it is incredible.. check it out. 
We went to Oradea on Saturday for a fireside. the temple president from Freiburg came and it was super cool. It was so good for the people from Arad that came.  I realized how much I have come to seriously love these people. They are incredible and I am super grateful for them and this experience.  
Seeing everyone was way cool. I saw the homies from the MTC (Elder Dronyk and Sora Honey) and we all had a good time. Missionaries here are all pretty sick, not just a normal place. I love it!
Anyways, we had some cool people approach US at the train station. it was cool and I was happy about it. And I packed my over night stuff in this SICK wood paneled briefcase. I felt like a business man, it was cool.  
Today we went to this town called Siria. There was this way cool fortress ruins on top of the hill and it was super cool. I will send photos soon. I don't know the story behind it, though. The city is really cool, though. It was founded in 1129 or something like that! And had a cool outdoor theater. We adventured!  
I felt soooo good to be in the mountains and trees and not hear cars and city noise, laying in grassy hills and watching a guy herd his sheep, eating some rice and carrots on top of castle ruins. 
On our way down, there was this little herd of nice cows. One let me pat him and licked my hand, haha. Cows are super weird, haha! We also explored an abandoned church on the hill side.  It's a good life!
I've for sure grown a ton. It's been a good time. Language is going well, still want to know more. I just always want more, so that's the problem, haha (not really a problem). 

Crazy it's been 6+ months I've been gone now. I've got my own kid out here already...I have potential to be a great-grandpa, haha in my mish family.

I am preppin for halloween! We have an activity at our church on friday and I hope it is epic!! I'm pretty stoked for that. We will see how it goes :) 
The church is true. God loves you. Stay close with him. 
I love you too.  
- Elder Cole Boydstun!