Friday, October 17, 2014

Limbi.. apartments.. ruins.. grave digger

From Monday, October 13, 2014

This week, I went and moved some furniture out of our HOMIE'S basement. His family is jewish and stuff. We find all this crazzzy old stuff and we asked him what is up. "Oh yeah this place was a shelter for a couple jewish families in WW2." 
That was crazy.
We had to move out of our apartment and get into the other guys place here in Arad. So that took a bunch of time. They finally got a place and got out and now are in Oradea, just north of here. They left us this chocolate cake that is death. Basically just ten heart diseases in a loaf. Tastes crazy though.
Parents sent me an incredible package, with a halloween decoration that got destroyed hardcore.  The only part that survived was a part that said "REST IN PIECES" so it all worked out anyways, right?
Our English classes have been going pretty well besides the insane random gypsy kids that come and just say real weird nasty stuff the whole time. So that's definitely not that cool. One of them made a bracelet and called me his friend though...
I've been put in situations many times this week of pulling clutch lessons on the spot. So that has been cool.
Wow, these stories have been so not cool like usual. hold on...

I went to this school for little kids, and learned some french from some random girl. So I can tell people my name and that I don't speak french that well. $$
There, I also taught some kids how to ollie on this real oldschool, less than walmart quality skateboard. That was cool. They just sat down on it after trying a couple times and pushed each other around, haha.

We are going to be moving apartments again and found these incredible ones up by the soccer stadium and they are filled with students. Met some cool guy from italy and I told him I didn't speak italian in italian so that was way sick, too.

We threw it down in this crazzzy conversation with a Jehovah's witness guy that is less-active. The Senior couple missionary went sssuuuper hard with these way bold questions and I was translating just wondering when this guy was going to just get real mad and kick me in the chin. But it ended way good and this guy was mind blown for the rest of the time and his wife was just like c'mon guys stopppp! haha super funny.
After this, we were driving in this random neighborhood because there was a cool looking church and behind it we discovered these ancient, random Roman Ruins! whoa. They were just these walls and stuff left, I wonder what it was though back in it's prime. ?
Vladmirescu, the weirdest suburb ever.

I dug a tree out of a grave site this week, too. I don't know what the deal is but nobody keeps up with the cemeteries here, they are all overgrown. But I was going super hard for about an hour and got that bad boy out of there. Then it was round two on this thicker one next to it and I was borderline KO'd. Then this random 60 something year old guy comes out of nowhere and asks if we want him to do it. uh Sure dude? knock yourself out.... He gets this crazy shovel and starts going super hardcore just tearing it up and I'm offering this dude help and he refuses it... just being a real man about it. Then he offers some real nice service to clean it allll up real nice, and asks for 20 lei.. that's like 6 bucks. He was stoked about it. This guy was probably 5'8" and 130 pounds. He had a great stache though.

I learned how to do church finances finally, just kinda got tossed into it and it was intense. Our branch president kills me though, he is a fuuunny dude. Just imagine a 6 foot, 300 pound Navajo looking dude with disgusting teeth covered in gold caps slurring crazy Romanian at you and calling you his love. haha

Sometimes it is hard to not get discouraged, I just wish I knew what to do and how to get the success I see so many people find in other missions. When I am here struggling to get numbers and lessons. Like we didn't get any investigator lessons this week. and I understand every mission is different blah blah. I understand that well. But what makes this place so different? Just wanting to  figure it all out.

Still being positive. not down.. just wondering. 

I ate sloppy joes on Sunday. and potato salad. real american. and a grilled cheese. dang. Some lady with gross chin hairs stopped us and was real adamant about us helping her find a husband in America and I guess she had been to church because her psychiatrist told her she needed to ask the Mormons how to get a spouse. We are pros, apparently. $$$$
Some dude also told me how if we aren't amish, we must be aliens that somehow just landed on earth after the big bang. He tried talking to me in french too. I just said OK MAN OK OK then he quoted me like it was something really profound I had said. 
I'm learning Italian from this Italian/Romanian dictionary I found. I like Italian a lot.

vi voglio bene
va iubesc!
je m'appelle -
Elder Cole Boydstun