Friday, June 26, 2015

Pic salata de boeuf

From June 15, 2015

Things are stepping up for my boy Elder L and me.
We had a cool lesson with a member couple. After a year he just got made 1st counselor in the Branch presidency. He is pretty high up in the Police force or something here and has a really nice place. They fed us a 3 course meal and had some amazing conversation.
There is this video being made by this cool film crew for our english classes to better advertise - Cerc and Timu or something like that. They are hilarious and critique our accents real nice. So yeah, we got filmmed in Romanian and English. Things are real weird when you have a camera in front of you but are acting like you aren't looking at it, haha. I wore a really psychadelic tie that day too so it's going to be incredible when it comes out  across the mission. Sorry everyone...

We set this rule for ourselves, with this new international thing. We talk to lots of people but, everytime we see international looking we make sure we open our mouths. It was blazing hot and I didn't see these dudes, but Elder Lybbert did. Ends up they are cool and from Cameroon. They want to play soccer with us and they are homies with the dope less-active guy we have been meeting with. One of them only spoke french. Told him "my name is.." and that's as far as my french goes. Said goodbye I guess haha. 

Went to this traditional restaurant called Caru' cu Bere. when we first got there it was packed with these loud asian tourists but after they left it was so sick. Live classical music and solid traditional food. 

Things are so good though right now. We are meeting some new people. I became homies with this dope Tongan guy playing rugby out here. He was a missionary in Tonga and doesn't speak english really well, but we are broooooss. He was talking about how he just balls super hard and can go harder/faster/stronger than his team mates and how its from the blessings of God and keepin himself healthy. Raising the bar, he said. His name is Poe. 

Today was incredible. I woke up at 4:30 to send out this e-mail to the zone.. then we caught a 7am train with some guys in the district out to Sinaia and hiked some Transylvanian peaks. It was soo incredible. We got rained on, got lost a little and got up to this peak by this small ski resort. There was just a bunch of old dudes hangin out and some random dogs living it up out there. There was this cabin restaurant that we posted up at. A guy was going hard grilling all types of meat and stuff, so we grubbed. E Brundage jammed some guitar and we had an incredible time. Nothin like going from concrete, taxis, and blocs to green groves of trees and mountains only after an hour train ride. There were these epic downhill mountain biking trails and some really gnarly guys going mach 10 down.
There was also this incredible discovery on the way.. an abandoned bobsled course. We adventured  up it.
So I guess you could say I was in a piece of paradise today. 
Life is incredible.
God is good. Be faithful. Attack your day.   
Lives remaining: zero   
Love, Elder Boydstun