Wednesday, June 24, 2015

French dudes, trajectory

From June 8, 2015

fam and friends,

Things are goin. Meeting lots of foreign people.
A French guy on the metro invited us to this international frisbee club thing here in Buch. So we're going to go play and make a ton of friends.
Also there are some sick guys from Ausralia that play rugby out here. We have to go to one of their games! They are all huge and cool. Three of them are members. 

A cool guy from Camaroon named J… that was like a refugee and has been here for 3 years. He is so sick. Dreads, rasta shirt and all. The guy is such a BRO! He is a member too and is going to introduce us to some other sick Africans and play some fotbollllllll! 

We did a lot of exploring this week. This place is huge.. trams to metros to busses walking and exloring all the huge colorful parks. All these international schools.
Went into a Cismigiu (cool park) and Elder L went hard yo-yo'ing and I just talked to people. It was good stuff. 
And we annihilated the city with posters for our english class. some random old dude came up to us super mad that we were American and just throwin out jabs like "all of your stuff is imported" and that nobody can be fluent by the end of our 4 week english course. What the heck, man I'm just trying to help people! He continues with "you guys just get rejected all the time" hahaha it was the best random argument ever.

I am still grillin, Elder Johnson has this electric grill so I am still on my game. 

We had a meeting with Zone Leaders and Pres. Ivory. Talked about some real amazing stuff. Talked about eternal priniciples and habits that when you apply them, you increase your trajectory incrementally and reach an awesome life. It's good stuff.
Learn, apply
teach, and serve!

Church was cool. Some guy from France was visiting so I translated stuff for him. There is a seperate English sunday school and it is crazy. All kinds of languages being tossed around. Romanians, a Korean family, some french guys. 
It was awesome.
Also a new Branch Presidency was made, the old District President is now the BP and some guy opposed him and it was the first time I've ever seen that!

This week will be grand. Meeting new people to introduce to the gospel and havin fun doing it.

So Life is great. Sun is shinin, the weather is sweet... yeah.

Love you,
Elder Boydstun

Here's a grand photo some guy passed out at the park after playing sports with some Romanians.