Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Deva. hard labor. Sighisoara

From March 23, 2015

I realize that I haven't had a full week in Sibiu for about 5 weeks now. 

We went out to visit some members in Deva. It was legit. The branch there was shut down about 2 years ago and there are some major beefs between some members/leaders. It is weird. So basically we had to spread the love and also drop the hammer saying it's time to leave the past and let's GO! We Actually committed them and set up a study group. So there is basically a group started there now and we are going to work on getting them to start having sacrament meeting. It's ground work but challenging them to leave the scars of the past and build it up like it's new and clean. It will be another awesome battle.
There was a super funny bum there that we talked to as we left their place. He was rolling a bunch of cigarettes he picked up off the street into a newspaper and I was just like "bro that is not good for you" he laughed and offered me some then wobbled over to some random trees in the middle of this small concrete park between two streets. 
thought I'd just let you know… haha - Romania.

We got visited by this 80 year old dude named Mihai. He wanted us to come and labor it up and help him out at his patch of land on the outskirts of the small city I'm in. We got lost a few times trying to find it since he thinks telephones are a virus to the human race. He had us straight up dig out and re plant these gnarly thorny trees. One of his neighbor field homies came over, I wish I could explain how awesome it is how old Romanian friends talk to each other.  It's like a whole new form of language with super funny words, and the fact that their tone of voice seems like they should be punching each other in the face but they are just having normal conversation. haha, it rules.
Anyways, it was awesome. The dude has a peg leg pretty much and wears mismatching boots and just kills it. 

BP life is interesting, extending callings and making legit plans and gathering members to help them with their branch, trying to have them minister unto themselves, so that is super cool and legit. We are getting people hyped on missionary work and the branch being united, while making it fun and stuff. We are probably going to do this stuff called Graffiti Moss on this old rusty gate in the back of the church. You basically paint this moss mixture and it grows however you paint it, so it's going to be great!

Today we went to this awesome city called Sighisoara. It's a super cool medieval city in the midst of transylvania where Vlad "the impaler" lived. There are windy cobble stone streets and colorful buildings etc. an old church on top of a hill with a cool old cemetery and stuff. It's a cultural melting pot. I heard probably 5 languages+ being spoken there. I climbed up this tree on the hill and looked out over the city. it was super cool. 

SO YEAH! this week was cool. My studies are getting back to being really epic, thanks to the assist of Anziano Minor back in Italy. He comes clutch with the study ideas. Reading of the conversion process and process of sanctification in Romans is awesome. Check it out. Putting off the natural man and really knowing Christ.

Life is beautiful. Go out and enjoy spring. Thank God for the chance you have to live on this planet! It's awesome.

Love you all.

- Elder Boydstun

Ploiesti. Bucuresti. Arad. Cluj. Sibiu.

From March 16, 2015
This week was filled with.... Romania!

We had a zone conference thing in Ploiesti. So we had to leave Tuesday and the conference was the next morning. The train ride was great.. even if it was long. nothing like the Carpathian mountains.
We got in, ate at a sketchy but pretty decent little diner, then crashed at the ZL's place. Elders Montoya and Speyer are so sick. We had a good time and got prepped for the next day. They did really well talking about the heart of missionary work, and expressing what we feel and relating to people. It was awesome and the best way to do missionary work in Romania. Make friends and love em and show them the gospel. It is coooooool!
I was asked to share my personal conversion story. It was cool to talk about. I realized it's a continuous path and I'm still on it. 
Just finding joy in the journey!

So then we got on another train to Bucuresti. We got there, adventured around for a little while and tried to go to this restaurant Caru' cu Bere. We walked in and there were people in traditional clothing dancing together.  It was so awesome haha, but the place was packed. SO we had to go to Pizza Hut because we were lacking time and Bucuresti knowledge - the place is huge. Elder Reed spilled water all over himself, it was awesome.

The over night train was a good time. I went home to Arad. I love that place. It was awesome to see again. The weather was exactly how it was when I first got into the country. I had an awesome talk with Elder Smith who is in the District Presidency of basically all of central to western Romania. He got me stoked and gave me a solid commitment to get things going even more in Sibiu and even reaching out to a city where there used to be a branch called Deva. So basically in the next few weeks we are going to be reaching out to the members there and setting up a group for them.  Next thing you know there'll be a branch and missionaries there again. Thats the vision.

I saw my very first real friend/investigator Ghiti get baptized. It was the coolest thing ever. We gave each other the biggest hug when he came in and were able to visit with each other for a while and catch up.  I love this man! 
I remember who he used to be and watched him change and saw how much of a solid/happy and committed guy he is to following God. I was able to speak at his baptism and talk about the amazing memories we have and about the incredible potential we all have when we follow Christ and come closer to God. His whole family was there and some awesome members that I used to be close with. We had a solid time together, it was incredible! 
We had to stop in Cluj on our travels home.  It's such an awesome place. 
We ate some indian food. haha. I want to go to school in this place... :) 
We finally got back to Sibiu on a crammed bus ride. It was an adventurous week. 
So yeah, things are awesome. We are happy and doin this work. Well not really, God is handling it. We are just little instruments. It's the coolest. 

So if anything, find JOY in the journey and make it all matter because you have ZERO lives left on earth.  Love God and FOLLOW Him.  
Things are happening here in Romania/Moldova. It makes me happy. I love these people!
And I love you all.

over and out
- Elder Boydstun

Week of travels. More travels to come

From March 9, 2015
Transfers happened. 
We got on the train at 6:30.. enjoyed (psych) the next comfortable (psych) 6 hours until Bucuresti. We made it a good time though. I can't remember everything that happened anymore but Romania is cool, going through the mountains was incredible too. The Carpathians are so amazing I just want to explore them so badly.

Anyways, Buc was cool. We had to go straight to this meeting at the new mission office. The office is way nice... 
They asked me to stay at the trainers meeting, so I learned some cool stuff and it was pretty awesome. I had some good conversation with my Finnish friend Elder Hokkanen before he left. He's hilarious, haha. I love that guy.
That night was super crazy though, we had 12 people staying at the AP's place and had to get up early and go back to another meeting the next day. I was able to get out and accomplish a few other things I needed to do.
We got some awesome mexican food. I missed that stuff. It wasn't anything like in America, but still pretty solid.

I stayed with Elder Johnson the next night, he is such a HOMIE! We talked all about skiing and hiking/adventuring etc. It was legit. He's a good dude. 

- My new comp is Elder Reed. He is the man. We are good friends and having fun while doing solid work. Setting good plans and goals to get this place to continue growing. He's in his last transfer. it is legit. We are going to get fit again too, so that'll be nice. Been going hard in mornings and yoga at night haha, it is awesome.

Coming back to Sibiu was cool. Elder Everton in my district is training, so getting on the train was hilarious as a gypsy guy with busted up legs gets on and scoots down the aisle of the train asking for money.. he ends up right at the new guy and us and the guys going to Brasov just sat back and watched to see his reaction haha it was incredible. It's awesome being with a new guy again and realizing all the stuff I have just become accustomed to now. 

This week is going to be epic. Tomorrow we go to Ploiesti for a zone conference, then the next evening we need to get ourselves on a train to Arad.... because..... 
My legit investigator there... GHITI is gettin baptized. I am talking at his baptism. I am sooo stoked. The dude is such a good guy and I can't wait to see him again and especially as he gets baptized. I knew it would happen, just had to wait 10 months. He has a legit testimony. I am so stoked... 
So yeah.. I am going back to my birth city and it is for the greatest reason ever. Couldn't have asked for anything better.

Life is good. God is real. He loves us. Diligence and obedience to the Word, and to his Law... he is bound to bless us. Live it, it is the most rewarding thing you will ever do.

cu drag,
Elder Boydstun

I am Sibiu

From March 2, 2015

Hey whats up?

So I am not going to email tomorrow, I've got to catch a 6:30 am to get to Bucurestiiiiiii.
Check this out though... Elder Reed is going to be my comp. I love this guy. It is going to be so incredible. He's an idaho spud and we are going to kill it. and I  am killing him.. His last transfer. This will be my third kill. Yes!

This week was crazy. We were basically not in Sibiu. Went to Peles on Wednesday (look it up, it's beautiful...like a ridiculously beautiful place) and it was super. Then the next day I had this financial audit thing with a dude from Hungary after getting stuck in a small village trying to visit a member and having to hitch-hike back home, that was cool. A really nice guy stopped out of nowhere - normal thing in Romania. We Ran to a bus stop, Elder Gunsay left his suit and stuff at the bus stop and then we headed on the way to Cluj (legit! the coolest city ever.)
We got a member to pick his stuff up...then... 
We had the most legit zone conference ever. Obedience is cool man. Freedom is in the gospel. Live it. God is good. 

Yeah, but anyways we set Johnny apart as an Elder in Sibiu today. It was epic. We are helping this young pup get out on a mission. It's going to be awesome.  

Well. Sorry this is short and stuff. 
I need to write some letters by hand someday.
The HOMIE Anziano Minor sent me the coolest studies I have ever read. So I am stoked on life in the spiritual study side of things. Life is good. Spring is here. 

Psalms 29:11
Check it out. God loves you. Fear no man
va iubesc

- Elder Boydstun