Thursday, September 18, 2014

I Don't even Know what Happened this Week!

I basically cannot remember what happened this week.

I had some really cool spiritual experiences with lessons and stuff.  We were teaching and Ghiti got hardcore spiritual and he randomly felt like we should pray mid-lesson. Then he prayed hard but short.  He got a huge confirmation from the spirit.  It was incredible. He teared up, and he got kind of embarrassed. We explained it and it was a way sick experience. I was so stoked about it.

We got fed pastiers by a cool german guy, named Bivald. 

I taught Romanian with a Romanian dude.

 We went to Oradea this weekend for zone conference with Arad, Timisoara, Oradea, Cluj, and Sibiu.  It is a beautiful city.. for real. And they have an American joint there that this dude from Jersey started. It rules.

The river there is incredible.  It has all sorts of sick bridges and such.

We had a zone cultural event on Saturday. So I heard the Italians sing their national anthem, a Tongan girl do some island dance, some Polish lady sing polish stuff, a Hungarian lady sing some hungarian, some Irish stuff, Australian stuff. And the sickest Finnish folk song ever. We went and sang some sick songs in the park with the Finnish homie Elder Hokkanen (AP), he played guitar. It was radical
I'll try to get pictures from people and send them to you.

I had to sprint across a city, get a taxi and run and jump on a train last second.     
That was cool, too…
I mean, theres so many adventures daily it's hard to really explain it well...

Come to Romania and you'll get it once you are here.

As for transfers… 

I am staying in Arad. and things got 500 times more intense for me, haha.                     
Some of it I don't understand at all, but whatever! 

I am staying, Dunkley is staying with me, and our sisters are staying with us. The ZL's (Baielli and Brown) are going to Oradea, and there's nobody coming to replace them in Arad. So I  have to learn how to do Finances for the branch now.. in Romanian.  AND I will be a counsler in the Elders Quorum, and I am still training Elder Dunkley and still District Leader haha.. oh and PS I am only going into my 4th transfer. 

So this will be a really intense 6 weeks, haha. I am really kind of hoping I don't lose my mind with all this intensity. But I am just going to man up and take it on.
I don't have any choice but to grow big time, so I am going to do it!  

Anyways, we had a cool week. District meeting we did a thing where we all got a paper for each of us.. wrote on one side something we admired about the person - on the other side  something we noticed them work on or improve on. So it was cool and good for everybody. 

We got a lot of good work done in Arad this transfer and picked it up out of the hole it was in when I first arrived in Romania 3 transfers ago. So things are going to start bumping here! Just crazy to me that as soon as that happens, they take two missionaries away and put them in another city.. but I guess Pres is trying to support the District President that is in Oradea - and he needs counselors. 

I heard weather is crazy back in the states. It is rainy and cold here so I made a mega pot of chili. Now I am just trying to stay awake from the exhaustion I am experiencing.

Send me pictures of mountains and pine trees and stuff. I miss seeing that stuff. 

I love you.
"In the Strength of the Lord" - Bednar
Check it out ^

I pray for you.

va iubesc..
- elder boydstun